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Ice Fisching VIII

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AP is reporting that that the Icelanding parliament will vote Monday on granting Bobby Fischer citizenship. This is relatively big news, because according to the report: "One of Fischer's supporters in Iceland said the Japanese government had confirmed it would allow him to go to Iceland if citizenship was granted." That's thrice-removed hearsay, so we'll have to see about that. It may be a race to beat an a US indictment and formal extradition request.

Last time the Icelandic legislators voted on this they declined to grant citizenship, likely not wanting to set a precedent. But the special passport they gave him didn't work, and it seems likely they won't back down now. Iceland has an extradition treaty with the US, but the citizenship issue confuses that, as does the fact that it is likely to be about taxes and not, say, murder or teaching evolution in schools.

Dumb glitch in the the last para of the AP report: "He has also applied to marry a Japanese woman who heads Iceland's chess association and is his longtime companion." Oops.


"It is likely to be about taxes and not, say, murder or teaching evolution in schools."

The verdict is out on evolution, according to our great president. It is up to humans, not evidence, to decide how we came to be.

What would Fischer say if Adam were a Jew?

"Last time the Icelandic legislators voted on this they declined to grant citizenship..."

This is not quite accurate. The Icelandic legislature four tiems deferred voting on the issue after which Fischer's supporters decided to take the lesser foreigner's passport rather than risk having the request for citizenship rejected (as seemed likely).
The key issue was always whether Iceland should break with tradition and grant Fischer a full passport without a cast-iron guarantee that this would ensure Fischer's release. It is still not sure that such a guarantee has been given - the statement quoted from a Fischer supporter may just be an attempt to sway the parliament - but the general attitude to Fischer in Iceland seems to have moved in his favour so his chances of getting a full passport now look quite good.

Icelanders really love Bobby.

At present they do. But something tells me this will be a "familiarity breeds contempt" situation in a few years.

Bobby had some uncomplimentary things to say about Iceland when he was last there. Doesn't sound like he's mellowed with age at all...plus he's been spending much of his time in warmer climates with lots of sunshine. He's probably not going to do so well during a northern winter...and if he's like most southerners even a northern summer may be too cold for him. He may get cranky. :-)

Soon Fischer should be able to mimic Martin Luther King comment when he finally returns to the scene of his greatest triumpth- "free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I'm free at last"


i wholeheartedly admire Iceland for not being just another western puppet in the strings of the US.

well not all icelanders are enthusiastic about this, in fact I think the slight majority of those who do care, are opposed this.

Icelanders opposed to this should be heard. Let the US make an example of Fischer. Get him stateside, try him and toss his derelict schizo ass into Bellevue, out of reach of friendly international radio stations so that we are spared his voice. If the US makes that Holocaust denier drop from sight for good, they have given the chess world a shot in the arm.

People who make mentally ill persons responsible for the manifestations of their illness never fail to astonish me...

This afternoon the Althing agreed to grant chess player Bobby Fischer Icelandic citizenship. It's official. The decision was unanimous 40-0, with two senators sitting by.

This is not a comment on the rights and wrongs, just a prediction. If the Icelanders do get Fischer as a citizen, he will in due course cause them to regret involving themselves.

I am pretty sure only a few countries will extradite for tax evasion. I think Japan will, but Iceland wont (at least, as far as the USA is concerned).

I am not passing judgement here, but I think there is a possibility there is a quid pro quo involved between the Japanese and the USA when Fischer was arrested.

BBC: "Japan 'set to free' Bobby Fischer" !

Japan has decided to allow former world chess champion Bobby Fischer to travel to Iceland, despite US requests for his extradition, Japanese media say.

American government are truly disgusting, now AFTER Iceland grants him citizenship they first decide to file an official extradition request. They wanted him to rot in this prison as long as they possibly could.

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