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Kasparov appears on the prestigious Charlie Rose interview show tonight on American public television. (Garry is back in Russia now; it was recorded a few days ago.) It's probably the longest TV piece you will find with him, at least in English. It's 27 minutes, around 20 of which are on political topics. (I.e., not chess.) Rose is a pro and it went very well. The "greatest ever?" item was addressed. It runs at 11pm on channel 13 in NY, check your local PBS station.

A long piece on Kasparov is will come out in the NY Times tomorrow [up now here], in the Saturday Arts section. I'll put up my own long interview + scenes from NY article at ChessBase.com this weekend. At least if I don't die from this @$%!!%*& cough.


Mig, I think the word you are looking for is "hacking"!
Get well soon.

It's very good. I just finished watching it. I'm not sure I liked Rose, though. His interuptions and slightly generic questions got on my nerves a bit.

Oh, and he said "Big Blue" instead of Deep Blue.

I missed the show and would rather not cough up the $29.95 that Charlie Rose wants for the video. Does anyone know how I could otherwise obtain a copy of the interview? Thx

I just saw the show. Kasparov was in good form, and I thought Charlie Rose was as well. Very well-prepared, didn't let Garry take complete control of the converstation. I just wish there was more on chess.

Just watched the show -it's on later in Philadelphia - the city that never sleeps.

Bob, if you're good looking and single, you can come watch it at my house. I taped the show. I also have Peter Jennings with Garry as his "Person of the Week" last Friday.

Garry did a wonderful job. I'm looking forward to the day when he is President of Russia.

If you missed the broadcast and still want to see it, and you get cable or maybe sat: The World channel (Comcast's description and channel 209 on some Comcast cable lineups), aka WGBXW (TV Guide's description), aka WGBXDT2 (MSN's description) will rebroadcast this on Monday, March 28th at 6am, 12pm, and 5pm. It is possible that PBS and the World channel will broadcast it at other times too, but the listings are still generic so I can't tell.

The link to the NY Times piece is http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/26/arts/26garr.html . You might have to register but it is free, although this direct link might bypass that.

For the cough, take a broad-spectrum anti-biotic and a small course of decadran, if allergies are involved. You'll be fine in 5 days.

But take the antibiotic only if you have a bacterial infection. Incidentally, an otherwise healthy adult should be able to throw off a bronchial infection without antibiotics in about the same time as if they did take antibiotics. Key word though is "healthy" as in not being stressed, not over-indulging in the fruit of Bacchus, and not staying awake from playing too much blitz chess :-)

If the CR interview comes on-line, please post it. Otherwise I'll not see it.

I'll post a bunch of clips from the Charlie Rose piece in my increasingly massive ChessBase piece.

Cough definitely better today. Tried the excellently named "Mucinex" to loosen things up. I had pneumonia twice in my early twenties and docs say it makes you more vulnerable to getting it again later in life. Dunno.

Maybe playing monk and keeping yourself incarcerated in your flat for the weekend will help. Hey, I know it's hard, but there are some people who actually do it! (Pretty girlfriend with chicken-soup-abilities would also help)

If that doesn't help, Mexican remedy for you: tequila and lemon. Try not finishing the entire bottle for a change, but also because you may die. Last year, in a competition here in Mexico, a guy drank 43 straight tequila shots and died instantly. Moreover, if you survive, you're sure to get a hangover that would make your cold feel like a massage at the -choose your favorite spa here-.

The professor seemed rather hostile to me. I don't know whose views are more accurate though.

By the way, you should be able to find the full interview on google video. Other Charlie Rose interviews are published there.

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