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Friday Cat Blogging: Guest Edition

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Not that I want to turn this into a forum for exhibitionist felines the world over, but in case you're sick of looking at my cats, here's my friend Anna's cat Sigfried. He's from Spain, now living in Brooklyn.

As usual, open thread, complaints, topic suggestions, rants, marriage proposals, whatever. But keep it happy; think of the kittens.


1. e4 e5 2. Qh5?!

What the f*ck was Nakamura thinking ?

very nice. meow!

The arrogance of this kid is incredible. Imagine if he ever becomes a world champion. Don't his parents teach him manners? Sheeesh!

Oh good lord, another pseudo-American champion.

>>1. e4 e5 2. Qh5?!

>>What the f*ck was Nakamura thinking ?

Nothing. Those are the side effects of playing so much lightning at ICC.

Big deal 2.Qh5. In a few moves they reached a perfectly boring position.
Too bad Black didn't play 4...f5 to make it more interesting.

Regarding Nakamuras Qh5??!

On one hand, you gotta respect his confidence level and there are obviously lots of opening lines that aren't optimal but are more than playable. 1. e4 c5 2. Qh5 is another example. On the other hand, there is a reason these openings aren't seen on the international stage and I'm glad he lost. I felt he was lucky to win using the Center Counter against De Firmian in the US Championship. Nothing against the kid, I wish him all the best, but opening experiments like this against the elite international competition is just going to cost him rating points. See his Alekhines defense against Adams in the Fide KO for another example of failed experimentation.

And if he'd played 23.e5! we'd probably be talking about how he can play anything and still win. He could have liquidated to an equal position several times after that and preferred an inferior position instead. He believes that if he keeps the pieces on the board he can eventually outplay anyone from any position. Most often he's right. But he'll learn a lot more from losses like this one than from short draws. Trying to win at all costs will hurt you in these strong invitationals, more than 2.Qh5!

Anna? Isn't she the one that broke up with you?

Kasparov, Kramnik and Karpov surely deserve a little (or alot) of bashing now and then. But Nakamura!??

Pseudo-American champion? Didn't his folks bring him over at around age three? He probably doesn't even remember living anywhere else but in America.

1. e4 e5 2. Q-h5!? Arrogant? I'd call it spirited and fun-loving. Next time he plays black I'm hoping for 1. e4 a6!? (Karpov-Miles 1980)

Keep up the good work, young man!


Yes! How ill-mannered! ;)

Dedicated item about his up now, feel free to move.


Black would have full compensation for the exchange after 23.e5 dxe5 24.Ba7+ Ka8 25.Bc5 Rd6, so it seems unlikely White was ever really better.

"Pseudo-American champion? Didn't his folks bring him over at around age three? He probably doesn't even remember living anywhere else but in America."

I was talking about Anna's cat Sigfried, formerly of Spain.

I'll finally use the Kitty Blog to semi-complain. Timman and Sasi was an exciting cliff hanger in the last round. After the dust had settled, it was a clear draw after 11 moves.

Naka beat Palo in 33 moves to take 2nd(or 3rd?) place.

What's next, 1.h4?

How did you bring your cat from Spain to Brooklyn? I want to take my cat to Madrid. How is it done?

Tranquilized! Mine was from Argentina, so you'll have to check the regulations for each country. I needed a rabies certificate from a vet to show to an animal control office to get a sort of "animal passport" that I showed to the people on the US side. The website of the Spanish consulate will surely have info on bringing animals. Your vet will know what paperwork to give you, assuming such is required. He can also give you some mild tranquilizing drops to minimize freakout. I paid extra to bring him on the plane instead of back in the hold. Things worked out well when there were extra seats in business class so he had his own row. He wasn't very happy with the switch from Buenos Aires summer heat to New York winter snow, however.

omigawd, u travelled business class? u have too much money. Btw, hows the ear problem? Any improvement? You sound in fine form anyway!

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