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Either it's new or I missed it. (I think it's new because a lot of the dates are screwed up. But they don't call it the Grauniad for nothing.) You used to have to be sneaky to get Leonard Barden's chess column from the Guardian website, but now they have a nice chess section with recent columns. An added bonus is Jonathan Speelman's column. There isn't much non-UK news you don't get from ChessBase.com, but there is commentary and analysis, not to mention the inimitable Speelman punctuation, or lack thereof.

It would be nice if more papers had lobby areas for their chess columns for easy linking. The UK papers are predictably far better. The Telegraph has a nice one with Short, Pein, and Norwood. For example, Robert Byrne's column in the NY Times is available free for just a few days (currently here), so linking to it is a pain. Plus, if you notice the URL, it's under the crossword hierarchy. Ouch. This is only marginally acceptable because the Times crossword is something of a religion.)


That Leonard Barden article from the Grauniad on a Fischer-Kasparov match at odds is absurd. Why would any former World Champion ever agree to such a humiliating comeback, much less Fischer?

I go here for my Robert Byrne columns:
FYI, a few others:
Jack Peters
Lubomir Kavalek
David R. Sands (look under Saturday for a chess-related headline)

Most require free registration.

Everyone knows the best chess column in the world in written by Nigel Short.

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