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National Rating Lists Wanted

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An arbiter friend is looking for links to national rating lists. Some of them are hard to search for since the official sites are in various languages. And many links are out of date. Tops on the search list are Serbia & Montenegro, Philippines, and most Eastern European countries. If you have links, please post them. Links to link pages also welcome.


Finnish rating list for normal time control:

and for blitz:

Why do we still have national ratings in the first place ? With computers being much more powerful than, say, 10 years ago, FIDE could probably handle all ratings now, not just those above 2000...

Scottish ratings: www.chessscotland.com

Hungarian ratings (in dbf):


The newest list is always available @
and clicking on the "KOMIR-lista let÷ltÚse" link on the left.


Current members:

Full list past/present (important in case memberships have expired, etc.):
http://www.chess.ca/ratings.htm and click on "TD" List (download is 320k).

An awesome service would be a single web site to search all known national websites for a rating. This would be hugely valuable to us TDs at registration time!


Link for downloadable ratinglist:
Or use nice search facility: http://medlemsinfo.dsu.dk/rating/sog_rating.php


Maltese rating lists (Classical, Rapid and Blitz):

See left nav of Australian Chess Fed sitre: www.auschess.org.au


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