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Kasparov Interview Part 3

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Part 3 of my March interview with Garry Kasparov is now up at ChessBase.com. It's all politics, but in more detail than you've seen in his WSJ or other interviews. I tossed in a few behind the scenes photos despite their being off-topic. Better than pics of Putin and Bush. There are links to the first parts at the top. Here are the DD discussions of Part 1 and Part 2.


Kasparov's Wife-to-be Dasha Tarasova is super hot, is she a model in Russia??! I tried to google picture her but nothing turns up ;(.

Are all politicans like that in Russian? Marrying 23 year younger brides... I need to move to Russia and get into this great game also if so!

Kasparov is the man, proven once again.


From reading that interview, Kasparov demonstrates he is out of his league in understanding what democracy is all about... especially if he is viewing America as the democratic model. U.S. didn't become a democracy until the 60s (when Blacks gained the right to vote)... and even this is questionable.

The "freedom" that Bush always equates with democracy (once using "freedom" 27 times in a 20-minute speech about Iraq) is a utopian dream. Russia will collapse if it adopts the U.S. model as Iraq has collapsed. It took the U.S. almost 200 years of organic growth in developing THEIR view of democracy. How can a country like Russia or Iraq embrace such system overnight given the complexity of their respective histories?

Democracy does not always equal stability (or freedom) and is not a panacea or a "fix-all." In fact, it can breed instability in places where ethnic and religious rivalries are deep. If Kasparov wants to be more realistic, he'll have to study democracy like he studies the Najdorf. Only then can he have a more balanced view.

Actually he has criticized Bush for just such speeches, as he does in the interview. People who don't have democracy, or have limited access to portions of it, usually have a much higher value of what it really means. It's for people like Bush to throw the word around, along with "liberty" and "freedom" so much that they become meaningless. Kasparov's views on the matter are certainly much more nuanced and educated than those hyped by the US administration.

And by blacks voting in the 60's in the US, do you mean the 1860's? Last I checked, the 15th amendment was passed in 1870. Of course there were restrictions legal and illegal until the Voting Rights Act in the (19)60's, but still. Problems still exist today, as we saw up close in Florida.

Kasparov is not suggesting that Russia could be, or should be, the US or Denmark overnight. It the direction that is the problem. You want to move towards more democracy, even if slowly, not away from it. Every step Putin has taken has been toward centralizing power and weakening democratic institutions inside and outside the government. Americans have the luxury of complaining about problems much of the world would love to have.

Get back to the main topic, who is this hot russian woman?! Dasha Tarasova!

I googled for her and it showed her as a Russian Wushu player. (Chinese martial arts) can't say she is the same woman

I dont think Dasha looks superhot myself, but it could be the photo angle or sumpin..Gary hasnt done too badly for himself over the years has he? Must be paying a fortune in alimony though.. :-)

The United States is not a pure democracy. It is a representative Republic. We elect people to represent citizens and exercise (hopefully) sound judgment so that a majority cannot exercise total control, which could happen in a pure democracy.

Right Mig, but I've heard his views about Iraq (where he supported Bush's democratic push). However, I agree about others having a much better view of it... that could not be more true! All I know is that not all citizens in the U.S. were allowed to vote and well... I won't go into the other gory details of what Blacks had to go through for basic "democratic" rights. Women were granted sufferage in what... 1920?

The 15th amendment was nice on paper, but Blacks may have well used it as bathroom tissue because that's as close as they would get to using that privilege... until 1965 Voting Rights Act was granted. Folks had to face water hoses and attack dogs leading up to that point. Why was this even necessary if rights were granted in 1870? It's a rhetorical question.

I'm not sure what problems people would love to have if there is still disenfranchisement... if your votes are thrown in the trash. What good is voting if the elite aren't willing to share in the social and economic wealth of the country... because the elite created the rules of U.S. democracy. In the U.S., the issue is race; in Iraq it is religion; in Russia, maybe it is class. All different variations producing different reactions to "democracy." Certainly, the Iraq variation appears to be refuted.

He supports Israel and its policies uncritically, including the horrendous Zionist version of history, he supports one aggressive U.S. imperialist war after another, and now he's trying to look like some kind of hero in the struggle for democracy and freedom. *rolls eyes* It's at best laughable.

1. What is the horrendous Zionist version of history?
2. What aggresive imperialist US led wars has Kasparov supported?

I'm sure you've read articles of his like http://israelinformatie.tripod.com/kasparov.html

"Palestinians began to leave the country as a result of the Arabs' own enmity for Israel. The first Palestinian exodus occurred in the aftermath of the Arab-Israeli war of 1947-48."
Umm, okay....
But history isn't the main point. I just brought it up to illustrate how closely he identifies with these murderers.

Since 1999 he supported the wars against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2002 he wrote "We cannot wait for the internal liberalization of rogue countries. There will be moaning about a new colonialism. Yet ask if the people of Afghanistan are better off now. It is in our interests that others too are freed. But offense comes first. Baghdad remains the next stop but not the last. We must also have plans for Tehran and Damascus, not to mention Riyadh."

In that latter piece ( http://www.opinionjournal.com/forms/printThis.html?id=110002087 ) he also mentions Putin, but here the tyrant is to be used as a friend in the war against terrorism: "In another striking resemblance to World War II, Russia could once again be America's valuable ally. Despite Vladimir Putin's record in Chechnya and on human rights, he is way ahead of 'Uncle Joe'--the hero of the Western liberal press from 1941-45."

"Some people say, and we know their names, Berlusconi, Blair, Chirac, Schroeder, to a lesser extent Bush, who at least has said a few things, they say that this is a special kind of “Russian democracy.”

"They didn’t buy this story from other people, from Pinochet, for instance. The West won the Cold War because of a strong moral stand."

Man, I think Garry really does need to get his news from somewhere besides the right-wing nut jobs at Wall Street Journal. America 'bought the story' from Battista, the Shah of Iran, the Saudi Royal Family, and a host of other tinpot dictators, including Saddam Hussein himself (in the 80's), when it served U.S. interests.

And the 'West won the Cold War' with a splurge of insane military spending that broke the American and Russian budgets. I guess politically there was a 'moral stand', but it's hard to reconcile, say, the U.S.-funded death squads in Central America in the 80's with an exemplary morality.

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