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The busy folks in the message boards recently completed a large online tournament and are currently taking sign-ups for the next. Kudos to the organizers and the winners. What the heck, kudos to the losers too. Here is the announcement from Rondino:

ChessNinja recently celebrated the completion of its most successful online chess tournament: Tournament Of Ninja Champions 3 (TONC3). It was a rousing success, with over 50 participants at its peak. Kevin D Plant won the Masters section, Petrosianic won the BlackBelt section, and NeoFight won the WhiteBelt section, with hard fought battles throughout. Once again, littlefish and I have decided to organize and co-TD another event. We are calling it -- get this -- TONC4! (Which, while lacking in originality, is nevertheless highly consistent.)

A few reminders about the format:

* 7-round Swiss (most likely)
* 2 weeks/round
* G/30 (standard, and minimum time control, though both participants may agree to a longer control)
* Starting date: May 23 (tentative)

More information can be found here.

Get your game on.


Hello chess fanatics,

Latest news: 37 officially registered as of Saturday afternoon, including Master strength players kalten and Kevin D Plant, but we welcome all who want to play, beginners and masters alike! Post here or send me a PM through the CN message system if you have any questions or concerns or if you want to sign up for the tournament. First round pairings will be posted in the ChessNinja Events forum on Monday May 23rd. All the best and good chess to you,


p.s. Thanks for posting this in the Daily Dirt, Mig. Much appreciated.

As the biggest loser, I just wanted to say thanks to rondino and littlefish for all their hard work. It was a wonderful tournament and I enjoyed playing.

I'll sit this round out and let someone else occupy the bottom position for a while. But, I'll come up to the chessninja room on the playchess.com server and watch the games.

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