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Pics 01 - Model Kasparov

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I'm going to start posting the occasional cool chess photo, with different sizes available for download in case you are chess geek enough to put something like this up as wallpaper. Or in case you are just tired of the tiny and over-compressed photos you get on most websites. Requests welcome.

Garry Kasparov, New York, March 2005. Photoshoot for his upcoming book.

Here it is uncropped and in larger sizes. You can right-click the link and save or click the link and then right-click the image and save. No copyright for not-for-profit use.

800x600 (46kb) - 1024x768 (71kb) - 1600x1200 (174kb)


Kramnik raising his fists at the end of London or Brissago.

Mig Great photo of Garry, thanks.....but when are you going to post Part 3 of Garry's interview?

Thx Mig

It is great. For rquests hmmm ... Ivanchuk!!

Hi Mig - I tried to save the pics, but the file format defaults to Quick Time. I saved the file and tried to open it using Quick Time, but it indicated that the file was the wrong format (?!). I have the latest version of QT. Just FYI...

Mark: No idea why Quicktime would have anything to do with a standard jpg file. Sounds like you need to change your browser associations or Windows file associations. It should launch in whatever you use to view images and photos. You should certainly be able to open them with such a program. If your browser is renaming the extension, change it back to .jpg.

Great Pic!

I humble suggest miss Kosteniuk for the next editions :) . Just out of curiosity, how tall is Kaspy?


Oh the man with the camera is awfully sexy ! Can you send me a big foto of him, alone, without the other guy ?

Mark, that is because the wrong tile-type is associated with the .jpg extension. If you are using Windows XP (others operating systems are similar, but you will need to figure it out), do the following:
1) save it somewhere you can find it easily.
2) right click on the file and choose open with (if you are using an older MS operating system, you may need to hold the shift key down to get the "open with" menu item.
3) then select "choose program" and select the program you want to use to open it, and click the box "always use the selected program to open this kind of file.

That is for XP, but other MS operating systems are very similar.

I'm still not clear why Kasparov keeps coming up in this discussion. He's retired. Seek therapy.
(Posted by: Mig at May 12, 2005 12:52 AM)

Good luck at Bellevue.

Is that Deep Blue next to GK?


No. Note the proportions. It is a monolith. The partial one on the left, however, is a Marshall stack.

Give us a picture of Kasparov stomping around the stage and flailing his arms like a maniac after losing to Deep Blue in 19 moves.

"this discussion" of course not being this one. Running a picture of Alekhine wouldn't have much relevance to the world championship cycle discussion either.

They needed my assistance with this photo shoot. My years as a menhir placement consultant came in handy.

How appropriate that this was posted on your site on 11/05/05. 11/05/97 was the day Deep Blue won the match against Kasparov.

any high res photos of great chess duels/tournaments from the 60's-80's would be superb.

Larry Evans vs. Marcel Duchamp in a swimming pool.

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