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US GM Arrested [and Acquited] in Russia

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It's been a rough week for chessplayers with the Russian law. According to this report Max Dlugy, a top American GM in the 80's and former president of the USCF (90-93), has been arrested in Russia on a warrant regarding an embezzlement case and an investment fund he used to represent. I heard about this only when the Moscow Times asked me for info! The case sounds complicated, involving various companies. [Update: As came out later, he was actually detained in Russia over a month ago, on April 12. No word of this came out until now?! How many Americans are arrested in Russia? Did no one want to mention this with the Bush visit to Moscow? Bizarre.]

Obviously I'm not privy to his business doings, but Max has always been one of the good guys on a personal level. He is currently being held in Perm, where the case was filed. As of yet I don't know of any way to contact him or pass on support if you're a friend. Link below to a better report at the Moscow Times, but only for a short time.


From the link above:

"Chess champion-turned-opposition politician Garry Kasparov once served as a senior adviser at the Russian Growth Fund."

Hmmmmmmm..... It seems Putin has nipped his "Kasparov problem" in the bud. How long before they search Kasparov's apartment for "evidence"? Then they wait a bit to test international reaction. With an arrest warrant to follow soon afterwards....


I was just thinking the same myself.. Any bets on how long it is before Kasparov is arrested? If not for this, for something?

Now that would be interesting.
The US arresting their World Champion and Russia doing the same.

I worry about Kasparov. I admire his guts and his feelings but he has to be careful.

Maybe he should apply for a green card and have dual nationality if possible...that will bring some added diplomatic protection.


It takes at least 5 years to obtain (US)citizenship, quite a long time if you wanna save GM Kasparov's life. Fortunately for him, he should not feel threatened. There is lots of rumors going around about him being a Kremlin puppet.

I wonder if Dlugy got beat up. That would be par for the course with strong chess players these days.

There should be a martial arts class for strong chess players. There is no way that guy should've hit Kasparov on the head without getting a broken bone (or torn ligaments) from a convenient hand trap and subsequent wrist lock... or at least a head butt to the stomach or chest.

What's Dlugy doing anyway?

If any of Maxim Dlugy's freinds want to write him a letter while he is being held you cn do tht by sending it to my email.

i kno he home just wanted to congradulate him on his release as bergen cty not frn frn his town goodluck much success Joe

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