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For Pete's Sake

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I'm off to St. Petersburg tomorrow evening. (Russia, that is. My apologies to Florida.) I'll be back on the 15th. I don't know if I'll have a chance to do anything chessic, but recommendations are welcome. My online time will be limited (mostly by choice, not by connectivity limitations) but I'll try to chip in an entry or two. Blog on the road, blog on the run?


How about a chess store?


Hope you have a good time in Russia, whatever you do! I'm from the UK and will be going on holiday to the US soon - New York, Philadelphia and Boston. If there are any must-see attractions for the discerning chess tourist please let me know!

Travel to Russia!? The blogmaster yet again shows his relentness bias for GK. Why would anyone travel to Russia unless he were the Azeri's sychophantic lap dog?

No doubt he will take the time to key Kramnik's car while he is there, as well.

Have fun! St. Petersburg is a beautiful place. Just be careful with the water. :)

haha.. good one gregfoot! Mig, how about adding some hot Russian babes to your photo collection, and posting those instead of Symslov and Kramnik??

Hey, how about stopping by the Petersburg Chess Academy (aka "How Khalifman Spent His Vegas Millions")? I'd love to hear about how much chess academy you can buy for a mil or so.


In Boston, check out the blitz action in Harvard Square. I was there a few years ago and there were many good games going: Patrick Wolff, former US Champion, was playing!


Have a good trip to a soulful city (dear friends of mine are from St. Petersburg).

Mig, have a memorable trip. Do you plan to visit Moscow too?

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