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Kasparov the Politician

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Just in case you're interested in keeping up with Kasparov as politician, here's an interview. If you thought he would be a dilittante about this new mission, you'll be surprised. He's currently on a trip through the south of Russia to meet with local groups and talk to the proverbial people.

Funny, a few hours after I posted this there was a CNN segment on Kasparov "planning to checkmate Vladimir Putin," in their words. It was odd to see "Garry Kasparov, Russian Politician" under him while he was speaking. Nice segment, lots of interviews with locals and shots of him as he goes through some of the small towns on his tour.


I was very impressed with what GK had to say about the insidious nature of the Putin regime. I have no idea if it's true, but it makes sense in a way that makes it believable.

I for one believe that Kasparov is right on the money. Putin is a menace and the people of Russia deserve to have their civil liberties safeguarded and preserved.

I wish him the best on his new endeavors.

Kasparov has failed with every political project he started in chess. And now he hopes to succeed in real politics vs. real political sharks and bears?

Yes. Poor Kasparov; a great politician he is not. He doesn't seem well-adapted for the wheeling-dealing and brown-nosing required of politicians.

And Russian politics are dirtier than most.

While I laude Kasparov's attempts to improve life in his native country, I'll be glad when he returns to competitive chess.

Kasparov is one of the semi-regular editorial writers at the Wall Street Journal. He's been the Journal's 'eye on Moscow' for a long time.

Yea, unfortunately his recent WSJ article tells about his changing views.

Changing? Unfortunately, he's very consistent.

He was assaulted on the road again today, eggs and other things thrown in Beslan. Charming. He said he's okay though. One things for sure, if he only wanted to do this when the going was easy he'd be out by now.

They didn't identify him as world champion? Sincerely, best of luck to Garry. But Russian democracy is pretty screwed right now. When you feel bad because chauvinist men in brown are denied the right to form a party, things are in serious recoil.

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