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The Name's the Same

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This tidbit in on the wires.

Local chess player and international [Woman] Grand Master Nguyen Thi Thanh An has been refused entrance to three separate foreign countries reportedly wanted by Interpol international crime agency.

According to a senior leader of chess department in Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh An bears the same family name, first name, date, month and year of birth with a criminal globally sought after by Interpol.

Hmm, and I thought it was annoying having to be questioned every time I come back to the US because I lost a passport six years ago. Exact same name and birth date? That has to be rare, even in countries with relatively few family names. (E.g. almost 30% of the Korean population has Kim, Lee, or Park for a last name.)


A similar case: I have a friend who gave his son the same name as himself... not particularly unusual. They have the same day and month of birth, except that dad was born in 1947, and the son in 1974. Son still lives with his parents, so father and son have the same address. To make matters even worse, they both work for Daimler-Chrysler (the largest employer in town).

So... same first name, middle name, family name, address, employer, day and month of birth, and the year of birth with the same digits.

Their credit records are hopelessly intermingled.

My father's friend Steven Claus used to get bumped off of flights and such things every year around Christmas time by people assuming "S. Claus" was a joke.

People sometimes call my grandfathers house looking for my uncle who has the same name but luckily neither of them has ever been in trouble with the law so nothing really happens and my grandfathers official, legal name is an un-anglicised russian one.

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