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All the Marbles

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Just in case you thought chess sponsorship was tough, and it is, this article on the US marbles championship might cheer you up.

And how should an unemployed 20-year-old marbles champion spend all that cash?

His mother, Michelle, offered a suggestion: "Car insurance."

Nothing like a little schadenfreude when we're surrounded with poker on TV 24/7 and big prizes for who can eat the the most hot dogs.


Maybe Maurice Ashley can organize a $500,000 open marbles tournament for them. :)

I don't know much about all those marbles championships but I bet that there was no time when there were 3 marbles champions at the same time, each one trying to persuade the others that HE was the only valid one ! [and whoever understood, understood, hehehe!] 8-)))
Sorry for being evil but some chess-things have become pretty tiring...

Its pretty bad in checkers as well. For the last women's world championship match, the organisers were looking for sponsorship from all and sundry. $10 was the minimum amount! The challenger had to give numerous simuls to make enough money to pay for her flight from New Zealand.

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