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This is way too easy, but even Peter Leko's football matches end in draws! Cool event. I want Finegold and Yermo on my celebrity all-star bowling team.


"...but even Peter Leko's football matches end in draws"

great one mig!

"I want Finegold and Yermo on my celebrity all-star bowling team"

to quote someone on the ninja boards, this smacks of an "exaggerated sense of self-importance" or an "overweening sense of vanity".

What, bowling?

lol - no the celebrity part

Bowling? Which Finegold?

Try air hockey or mercy, those are my best games...chess is third. I also play poker, bridge, tennis, and golf reasonably well, for an amateur.


Bowling is just an excuse to eat nachos and drink beer, not that I need an excuse. Are you trying to break up the Dream Team before it's born?

You guys know there's something going on in Goteborg, right?


I read the reports of the event, which concentrated on the racing car drivers as celebrities. Leko's was an "All-Star" team. All Stars of what? Sports other than soccer or driving, I'd assume. So who were the players and who scored the goals for the All-Stars?

And, staying in the spirit of these comments, I want Charbonneau on my celeb tennis team.

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