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A few nice photos of a cool board and pieces I just stumbled into on the blogosphere. You can also go to the main Flickr page and search everyone's photos for chess pics, with interesting results.


Those are nice! There was an excellent report on ChessBase about a photographer who liked to use natural light. Amazing work!

I have a few amateur shots from recent tournaments...

Jamaica 2004 (after a Simutowe 14-board simul... one loss at the end)


World Open 2005




I like these shots almost if I were a rook standing on i3 or i9. Interesting. How did you make the Bird's eye shot? By standing on the table?

Here is a weird chess set:


(Don't go there if you are easily offended. The URL says it all...)

What I did was extend my arm as high over the board as possible! I then zoomed out to get the widest angle.

There was another crazy shot I wanted to do at HB Global but I couldn't get up on the rafters! (smile)

I often post links to chess related photos, though I generally shoot for "interesting" or "different" rather than "nice" (not that there is anything wrong with "nice"). Here are a few of the recent selections:


Don't care for the phallic pieces. That's a bit "out there."

Nice shots here by Fred Lucas.


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