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And the sweatshirt, mousepad, tote bag, and thong.

Because some of you demanded it! I've set up a quickie online shop with my awesome new ninja logo by artist Paloma Campo-Urrutia. I stuck with just one image and the more popular items. If sales are enough to pay for the effort I'll add some Daily Dirt logo items. If you really, really want teddy bears, BBQ aprons, and baby-doll t-shirts, let me know.


How about the coffee cups and key chains?!


Great stuff! Somehow, I managed to (discreetly...) weasel out my wife's and daughter's thong sizes, mine I know (oops...as Homer Simpson says, "It's just a comfort thing!).

Now, to attack the budget and find room.

Much luck,


if you sell some of those thongs, you gotta let us know who got them

Although I like the logo and glad you are selling things, I am sure those "Trucker Hats" will be flying off the shelves "Good Buddy".

Very nice! Cool design!

I have a few Cafe Press sweatshirts and mugs and the quality is certainly solid.

The only thing I don't like is the motto. I guess I am a prude but I have never become used to "sucks" having become everyday, acceptable usage.

Come on, where's the black t-shirt--I need to look thin when I advertise my nerdiness.

Thanks guys. Paloma did the first little ninja a long time ago, back in January I believe, but we've been slow in making a few little changes.

Black ninja on black t-shirt = bad design concept. But come to think of it, a black shirt wasn't listed under the options. Probably when you kick in a few bucks for a premium shop, which I'll do so enough anyway so I can add other images. (With, without slogan, Daily Dirt, etc.)

I want to get a chess set with the pieces being characters from the movie "Team America World Police"!!

"Black ninja on black t-shirt = bad design concept"

Not necesarily. For instance, the black swathed ninja there actually has a black knight on his chest. The same solution can be applied to the ninja: throw a white outline around it!

Black T Shirts with predominantly black designs are common--you just put the design on coloured background, usually square or oval, to give it contrast.

For example, Darth Vader is often sold on a black T-shirt.



Batman is also popular on black t shirts:



So I think it can definitely be done. For what it's worth, black T-shirts DO sell better than white among males 20 to 40 in most logos, and I'd think that would be a core CN audience. Red is also popular with this group. :)


One more, this is a Badtz Maru black T shirt where the character is shown in outline style, rather than against a definite background...


Thanks all. I meant that it wouldn't work with the image I'm using now. The problem being that the shop requires a single, universal design. If and when I invest in the shop service and multiple designs are allowed (and assuming they offer a black t-shirt), I'll look into a design to accomodate one. Putting a white outline or color swatch behind the image I'm using now for non-black items would be bad for spacing and other considerations. I'm sure I'll continue to fiddle with it when I have time, which isn't now.

A red or gold background usually works equally well on either a white or black T-Shirt, so this is the common choice when you use only one design, but offer it in a choice of T Shirt colours.

Metallic grey-blue also works as a common background for some designs, although I think not for CN.

Anyway, next time you're in some touristy area, look for one of the T-shirt shops where they sell transfers that they iron on to a shirt of your choice. You should be able to get a lot of ideas for backgrounds that can cause a design to work well with shirts of different colours.

Good luck!


Ok, received the thong, excellent service. One question though - is it supposed to be this uncomfortable?

It`s OK in rapid games but in a proper game, after the first time-control for example, it really begins to chafe.

What do you suggest? Perhaps some sort of ChessNinja lubrication product . . . 8-)

Read the instructions. You probably have it on your head backwards.

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