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GK in SF

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He's already leaving the Golden State, headed for a week of politicking in the far east of Russia. Kasparov spent a one-day visit in San Francisco, across the Bay from my hometown. He was there for a short address to executives and clients of consulting giant Deloitte today. The ZDNet blog [thanks to xplor] already has notes about it online and CNET should have something more substantial up tomorrow.

I talked to Garry before and after the address and he said people showed a great deal of interest in his upcoming book, which combines memoir with a sort of how-to guide to the decision-making process. We just spent a few days here in NY working on it. The focus is on strategy and decision-making, but of course I'm more into the chess stories. Apart from the inevitable classics that will be new to the intended general audience, there's a lot you haven't heard before.


Hi Mig

Any estimate when the book is going to be published??

Early Spring 2006.

A sign of times: a World Champion comes to visit S.F. and goes to a corporate boardroom instead of a chessclub.
The Mechanics' Institute Chess Club has been operating for 150 years and has been visited by all World Champs except Botvinnik and Kasparov.

But did anyone from MICC actually bother to ask Gazza? Now of course you'll say that he shouldn't have to be asked - but you know, he's a very busy man.

Gosh, I didn't know the MICC club was that good. I gotta go there sometime.

Just check the schedule for events before you go; drop-ins aren't a strong point. I stopped by last year when I was home for a family visit and only the directors were there. Was nice to chat with John and Steve, and I got to see the remains of the nice library and the club, but nary a player to be found. Here's their site, with a calendar and newsletter:


Who is publishing the book? Or do several companies around the world have an interest?

Penguin House won the bidding in September last year. Almost half a million.

Being very interested in the metaphorical and philosophical aspects of chess, I was wondering if you have any idea what the working title(s) of Kasparov's upcoming book is? I for one, can't wait.

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