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World Cup Dates

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FIDE has hastily changed the dates for their recently announced World Cup KO tournament. Now it's Nov. 26-Dec. 17, having been moved up a week so as not to clash with the Russian championship final. It's not nice to mess with Comrade Zhukov.


That add at the end of every post sucks, like not because it's there, it just looks crappy.

Make it a like Text Message or something.


When do the Russian Championships start? Are we sure they don't still clash?

Who wants to mess with Zhukov?! He could send you to fight with no guns!

Since the dates for the Russian Ch weren't fixed yet I'm assuming this change was made to accomodate it. What a year for top-level chess. Instead of the usual three supertournaments we're getting five, plus the Russian super-final, which could reach category 18.

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