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2005 FIDE WCh r10

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r10 pairings: Topalov-Morozevich 1/2, Kasimdzhanov-Polgar 1-0, Leko-Svidler 1/2, Adams-Anand 1/2. Topalov still leads by two full points after nine rounds. Morozevich has won three in a row and could make things interesting. We all knew Moro would rock the house at some point. If only he could do this for an entire tournament instead of a few games at a time. We're still focusing our positive energy to get Mickey his first win of the event after all the fighting chess he has played. Plus, Anand deserves a spanking after yesterday's lame punt against Topalov.


yeah, I wish moro would rock for longer too, but I think its extremely difficult with his brand of chess. He basicallly creates opening theory from scratch in most of his games; think he asks a bit too much of himself. However we can still hope!! So go Moro, go! Showcase that wonderful talent of yours, and take our breath away!

and definitely rooting for Mickey Adams as well, he really deserves one. Go Mickey, go England!!

"He basicallly creates opening theory from scratch in most of his games"

A nice way of saying his openings aren't good enough for this tournament, or just an excuse? Judit seems to have the same problem.

I just hope Topalov can notch up another couple of points before the end.

huh?? oh well, i just cant be bothered right now..

It is a big comliment to Kasimjanov, Kasparov has been exclusively watching his game on chessbase...40 min now!

It is a big comliment to Kasimjanov, Kasparov has been exclusively watching his game on chessbase...

It is a big comliment to Kasimjanov, Kasparov has been exclusively watching his game on chessbase...40 min now!

For the first time the softly-spoken Mr. Seirawan has been forced to say the words: 'lousy, strategical suicide, disaster waiting to happen, it just looks terrible, ....poor Yasser! It is almost embarrassing to watch a Grandmaster lost for words! And this is World Championship! BTW Bareev is more or less of the same opinion...

Knight, who is Yasser talking about?

Knight understands the concept of embarrassment! I'm lost for words.

The game isnīt finished yed. For some reason, I think topa have winning chances. Moroīs king cannot move, and the h pawn is advancing....

Topalov appears to have blown an optically nice position. Was allowing 46 ...Qf2 absolutely necessary? A draw is fine here, because Anand and Svidler drew, but I don't want this to be a trend. Tip of the hat to Morozevich for finding some counterplay in this game.

it is over. Topa 1/2 1/2 Moro.

Topa lost his way, unfortunately - draw. Shame he didn't finish off Moro tonight.

Who cares Topalov just needs to win the tournament. If I were him I would make 15 move draws with Kasim,Polgar,Adams(who all be willing) and play safe against Svidler which would lock the tournament for him. If the other guys were threatening him in the least it would be one thing, but of course here there is no competition provided he takes the measured approach and doing anything else would be not so smart in my estimation. At this stage it is stupid to care about fans. Drawnik could easily rap this one up. I wonder what the percentages are after Anand gave Topalov the draw ?

Topalov's play in the second half of the tournament is very rational. He eschews risky openings like the Sicilian with both colors, instead playing 1.d4 with White and the Ruy Lopez with Black. However, if he can find a way to press for a win without risking a loss, he will do it. That started happening as early as his games with Polgar and Kazim in the first half, both of which he was fortunate to win.

How does my analysis apply in the second half? Against Leko he got nothing out of the opening and if anything was slightly worse in a position with lots of opportunities for losing. Result? Draw agreed. Against Anand he pulled a novelty that essentially forced Anand to draw by repetition; and Anand did not want to press in that position because if his attacking chances disappeared he would be simply a piece down. Finally, against Morozevich today Topalov was at no point in danger of losing, so he pressed for a win (just like against Kazimjanov).

I do not expect Topa to play any differently in the forthcoming rounds. At most, in the last two rounds, IF the title is 100% in the bag, he will play riskfully for a win with the intent of improving on his FIDE rating.

i'm still thrilled with Moro's play. Point is, he is the most unique strategist on the planet, and he can (when in form) match tactics with anybody. Very strange opening choice, but otherwise he wouldnt be Moro!

Kibitzers at the game mentioned this spectacular missed win for Topalov, sacrificing Knight & Queen for mate:

45.f6! Nxc4 46.fxg7 Nxe5 47.g8Q+ Rxg8 48.f8N+ Kh8 49.Rh7#

46.-,Rxf7 Clear edge for white, but much work to do.

Topalov-Morozevich game was very a very nice performance from both of them...Moro's idea of Rc1+ was brilliant, but he must've missed white's move Nb1 down the line. Moro is amazing at calculation, probably close to Kasparov's level, and though he may have been "lucky" in the end, he defended very tenaciously, probably best play in his sordid position. i think it also showed that Topalov isn't exactly ruling over the others, he's just playing extremely well at the moment, but still far from being a steamroller (and i don't mean to disrespect him at all with this statement, just that in other circumastances it could even be Morozevich getting the title). So basically, even if toward the end it was Topalov with winning chances, i think the game's brilliance should be credited to Morozevich (and to Topalov in as much as for not taking the draw by repetition).
Kasim-Polgar was a remarkable slaughter, until Kasim lost the thread, probably causing Kasparov watching the game to shake his head in disbelief :P
Great stuff in general.

I think that Topalov botched that ending when he played Be8. He should have cut the king off with f6 and after Rf8, Be8 would have taken the rook out of the game.

That was what I was thinking about yesterday, but while writing this I thought of an idea of g5, maneuvoring the king to e7, which allows the rook to free up. Does anyone know if 52 f6 was winning?

I know we have been through this before, but I am just SO disappointed with the coverage of this event. Yes I know about business models and issues with paying and so on, but is it too much to ask for one (that's 1) article in English summarising each round and having some player comments and content from the press conferences? I mean here we are, one of the most momentous tournaments in years and years, and the only way to get information about anything is to pick up tidbits from blogs and other isolated sources. How PATHETIC is that?? I dont care about analysis anymore, but surely at least a transcription of the press conferences? Is Chess so poorly off that we cant have even that? Millions of dollars in prize money, but all we have is Short sounding off with articles that could be written in 5 mts by playing through the games from a thousand miles away. How can we expect Chess to become popular when even its dedicated fan base is not given anything to munch on??

GM Gregory Kaidanov is on the spot. He is on chess.fm every day analyzing the games and giving complete coverage about everything surrounding tournament including press conferences.

yes but you have to be logged onto chess.fm at the correct time right? Is there anyplace I can read a transcript?

That's a valid point. There's no shortage in superflous, pictorial reports resembling a semi-pornographic tabliod coverage. People don't get tired to ask you for your dollers at every opportunity, ask for your 'membership' but not a single English-speaking chess Daily appropriate for a sport which is accused of being intellectual. It is all nice to ask for 'gold memberships' but does anybody bother to invest 1% of their profit in chess? It is even more irritating that FIDE turns a blind eye to this.

Pretty doesn't always equal shallow, which is what i assume Knight is getting at with 'pornographic'. i have never ever bought or read a tabloid newspaper in my life (sure, i have glanced through a few and been bored out of my mind), nor do their hyperbolic headlines turn my head, but i enjoy Chessbase's coverage on various topics with pictures. Neither do i have trouble reading through a thousand pages long book with no pictures.
My point is, pretty is not anti-intellectual (or if it is, it's a brand of 'intellectualism' that i want nothing to do with), and if someone is offended by pretty content, he should probably try to get outside of his own head and see what a wonderful world surrounds him. (And don't take this as a personal insult, it's not meant as such)
It's hard to explain accurately, but i see no reason to separate 'intellectual content' from other parts of life.

I also tend to enjoy and look forward to chessbase's coverage.

I have to wonder how different this tournament might be now going into the stretch if Leko had defeated Topalov (which he could/should have) in round one.

Topalov is playing great but I don't think any of the top players view him as Kasparov part 2 just yet.

I have nothing against 'pretty' reports, providing they are accompanied by valuable professional text.

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