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Kasparov in The Atlantic

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The important culture and news magazine The Atlantic has a nice piece on Garry Kasparov's political life in Russia this month. He's been out stumping in the hinterlands off and on all year, no small task in a country with 11 time zones.


There is a funny ad at the bottom of the article. "Don't criticize Putin" from some web site: foreignpolicy.com. Poor Garry can't even have an article written about him without Putin's people trying to knock him down :-)

I read that headline and thought he was missing at sea. :)

does anyone subscribe to The Atlantic? perhaps they could post the full text of the article here...?

Just trying to find out some more info on Kasparov's political agenda. This site is saying he could not take time off to face Fischer. Is he really that busy?


Forget to mention I originally saw this on a German website.


I just want to know if Gary Kasparov can receive our Mails on his site www.kasparov.ru

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