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State Champs Finals

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I just updated the US Championship website with the semifinalists of the "State Champion of Champions" event. On December 3-4 the final four will play for the golden ticket to San Diego (actually you pay your own air fare). These matches are two games at g/60 and are played on the ICC. See the event page link above for game times. The four finalists are Ginsburg of Arizona, Zilberstein of Northern California, Denton of Mississippi, and Florean of Michigan. Kudos, gentlemen.


IM Florean was in good form at the Kings Island Open, completely winning against Ehlvest who somehow managed to salvage a draw. Go Michigan! And good luck also to Ginsburg, whose given name shows excellent taste.

How about the other online qualifying event, is it going to happen soon also?

From U.S. Championship qualification rules:
A new online event will see the winners of the Denker High School Championship, the Super National Championships, the Polgar Girls Championship and the U.S. Cadet Championship playing a similar styled online event on the ICC for one spot.

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