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A Ninja Christmas!

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According to Cafe Press, this week is the last chance you have to get ChessNinja.com gear you can be sure will arrive in time for Christmas. The ideal holiday gift for a fellow chess geek or for yourself. You can drop subtle hints to your friends and family. Kids' sizes available! Over 100 items sold so far, to seven countries and 16 states. (I think my total commission is around nineteen cents but that might be high.) Personally I'm very fond of my hooded sweatshirt with handy pockets. I'm still waiting to receive photos from people posing in their Ninja goods. Send'em in and I'll post them here. (Especially the three of you who bought thongs. You know who you are. Okay, maybe I'll keep those pics private.)

Of course email training newsletters also make a fine and very inexpensive gift. And those can be ordered on and received on the same day, including Christmas. Plug over.


If you make trenchcoats with a tasteful little Chess Ninja emblem on them, I might be tempted to buy one.

I think you can sell the logo emblems on paper that are then transfered to the cloth. that way a person could take a trench coat into a local shop and have it applied.

I am going to guess that they use a heat transfer to put the emblems onto the tea shirts etc.

I think if you go to the local mall and go into a tea shirt shop they will show you what I am talking about. that is they way they do it.

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