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Blazing Chess

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Just flipped on the marvelous Mel Brooks film "Blazing Saddles" for a minute. Came in around the middle, right when the sheriff is asking Gene Wilder's character what he likes to do for fun, "Play chess..." he answers, "screw." The sheriff's deadpan reply, "Let's play chess." They have a brief chess scene and the pieces are used as props to illustrate the hand speed of the Waco Kid (Wilder).


I was watching that last night too! Great movie...
"Where the white women at?"

Despite Bart's declaration, it looked like the position on the board wasn't, in fact, checkmate though.

I'll check later though. I TiVo'ed it.


The other great chess quote that immediately comes to mind from this film is when the character Mongo looks vacantly into space and says:

"Mongo merely pawn in game of life!"


Somewhat odd to have posted this item just a week or so before Richard Pryor's death. He wrote much of the script.

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