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Friday Cat Blogging 4

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Morrigan with her favorite toy. Open thread, suggest topics, look at the cuddly kitty and forget your woes and rancor...


Once again, the blogmaster shows his persistent anti-Kramnik bias (the cat is a dead giveaway).

Mig, do you know when the next Kasparov opening DVD is coming out? Or what opening he will be covering?

Funny you should ask. Exactly yesterday Garry recorded part two of the Najdorf in Germany. (The computer they had brought wouldn't work and they ran out to buy a brand new one from a startled clerk.) He said he took inspiration from a visit to the Lasker museum and decided to do it a little differently, with more general explanations. Not sure when it will be released, but it usually doesn't take ChessBase long.

Great! Thanks for that. Any idea which variation he's covering this time?

The rest of Bg5.

Ok, thanks.

Mig any news from Russian Superfinal? Who will play and who will not?

Thanks for the open thread . . .

1. Where will we next see Kramnik in action?

2. Is there any dirt on why Ben Finegold's third norm was denied? Was Fide or the tourney he earned it (presumably) in at fault?

3. How many US Universities offer chess scholarships?


You oughta charge consultation fees

Hi Mig,
Any news about the coming (March?) Karpov "MGP" volume (Vol 6)? I understand the contents have changed a little, with the Kasparov-Karpov matches getting their own volume (volume 7). I would love to see a 'duet' for the 7th volume with Karpov putting his own side of the story. What a book that would be. Still, Kaspy's side of the story should be fascinating enough.

Kramnik is slated to play at Corus Wijk aan Zee starting January 13. I thought he said he was playing in the Russian super-final, but that was a while ago and that event seems to be under a cloud. No news is bad news, basically. I've asked around, but I get Russian news late most of the time. Usually from people here who read 64 and Sport Express every day.


No dirt about Ben's norm, just the basics. It was a mess of a tournament with a last-minute player replacement, some forfeits, and, most relevantly for Ben, irregular scheduling. They changed the pairing order in the second half of the tournament and since Ben's norm wasn't for the full tournament, that probably killed it.

Don't know about the chess scholarships. I always hear about UMBC and Texas-Dallas. This page looks handy but I don't know how current it is:


Don't worry, my bill is in the mail. Or you can subscribe to a newsletter or click the "donate" button on the homepage. CD's and books also accepted.

Karpov was interviewed extensively, though of course the point of the MGP books is to give Garry's perspective on both the games and analysis/opinions of others. There is also a new volume dedicated to the "revolution of opening theory." I'm chipping in helping send questionnaires to players from the 70's about the development of the openings in the post-Fischer period. More details:


I thought this was a thread about kitty kats.

and I have a puppy doggy woggie. He is a Golden Retriever.

he is about 12 weeks old now. I love puppies. too bad he will not always be a puppy.

He adores me. the only one who does. I have never been lucky with women. I caught too many. and of course that means they caught me. LOL.

Ahh but now I am loved and loved. puppies are like that. all I have to give him is half of my hamburger and he is happy. well not true. he wants another one. haha.

well the women wanted half of everything I had and then they wanted more. so puppies are lower cost in the long run.

I like to feed him some meat every day. I like the so called BARF diet for dogs. very famous. right now it is all the rage with the yuppies.


type in Barf diet into google and you will find out. it wants us to feed the dog some bones and raw food every day. so far he gets a chicken leg most days, some turkey at thanksgiving and a few pounds of hamburger so far.

I will guess he weighs 30 pounds and eats a pound of meat every day.

If I throw something out there for him to retrieve. he goes and gets it but does not want to give it to me. haha. I guess he figures if I want one then I should go run after it. He sort of half gives it to me. hopefully with more maturity and practice he will do it more willingly.

so there you go mig. you like cats and one of your bloggers likes puppies. I like cats too. but I am more of a puppy guy.


Magnus Carlsen just won the first game of round 3.

Cheparinov(BUL 2618) - Carlsen(NOR 2570) 0-1

What does everyone think of this young kid.

I remember my first lost to a 15 year old in a big tournament. it was not my best day. but that was a long time ago and I have recovered.

If he goes into the quarter finals I will fall off my chair. I was reading that he won a great end game.


I haven't been able to find any news on a second HB Global Chess Challenge in forever. Is it under the same black cloud that's hovering over the Russian Super-Champs?

Re: Carlsen over Cheparinov...Sensational!

I dont think there is going to be a 2nd HB Challenge. I dont think the sponsors want to put up the big money. that is just my guess and I sure hope I am dead wrong.

I remember reading somewhere on the internet that the feeling was that there were some problems with the way the tournament was layed out. the $50,000 for first prize but 2nd prize got very little.

the no draw in 30 moves hurt to draw in GM's that have to pay their own way. That the 30 move rule should not have been put in place unless they were paying GM's an appearance fee.

That many tournaments with lower prize money draw many more GM's than they did at HB Challenge. That HB failed to draw the GM's mostly because of the no draw rule.

Here is the thinking. a GM maybe has a chance to assure himself some prize money with a draw to put a few dollars on the table for the family. but he is not allowed to do that even though he is paying all of his own expenses. that is not really fair. he does not have the freedom to do what is best for himself and his family.

Too much Control by those running the tournament. Way too much control. That was all they advertised. constantly they advertised that they are going to control the tournament and the participants. well people dont want to be controlled.

Love is Freedom. Control is the opposite of Love.

If they want to draw people give the people the feeling that they will be loved. dont tell them everytime they hear about it that you are controlling. that is the opposite of saying you will love them.


Just saw the Kazim interview in ChessBase Magazine #109. His English is amazing, and he seems to be a very pleasant person.
He seems seriously concerned that outside (computer) assistance could become a true problem in chess in the future, if I understood him well.
If someone at that level who is no fool is worrying about it, I suppose we all must...

Mig does she have eyes of different colours? Or is she blind in one eye? Very cute.

Blind in one eye from an infection before I got her. One of the manifestations of the Morrigan, her name, in Celtic mythology was the one-eyed crone. Usually she just gets called Morri. My other cat, Bagley, actually knows his name and two other words. Morri, not so much. But she graduated first in her class at cute school.

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