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I'm trying to track down some players to solicit their input for the next volume of Garry Kasparov's My Great Predecessors book series, this one on the opening revolution of the 1970's. Either their contact information is expired or they are ignoring me. Hoping for the former, if you have up-to-date contact information for these people, or know them, or are them, please drop me a note at mig at chessninja.com or call me at +1 718.369.3316. Many thanks.

Robert Byrne, Jonathan Speelman, Jonathan Mestel, Zoltan Ribli, Gyula Sax

I've tried phone numbers and email addresses for all of them, but no responses so far. So if you are a friend of theirs tell them Garry wants their help! (The list of players we have talked to already is much longer, natch.)


Sorry Mig, nothing on topic, but...


Thanks for all the great work. I'm looking forward to another year of dirt!

Byrne still writes on chess for The New York Times, sometimes. I'd suggest trying to contact him through them.


I sent you some details of Sax and Ribli, check your e-mail (including your spam folder)!

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