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Lamento Peruano

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A melancholy little item from a Peruvian radio website (Spanish). It laments the exit of national chess star Julio Granda Zuņiga from the FIDE World Cup in Khanty-Mansyisk. He was eliminated in the first round by Alexander Ivanov. That's not even the sad part. According to the writer (whose only comment on the games is totally wrong, for what that's worth), Granda's return ticket is for December 7 and changing it would require a fee. But Granda doesn't have any money because he paid his own way to Siberia and is also paying all his own expenses. The Peruvian federation has "internal problems" and was unable to pay out anything. Horrible if true, especially considering that Julio is one of Peru's best-known exports. No wonder he periodically quits the game.

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As a fellow peruvian, I feel sad for what Granda has to go through all the time, he's an amazing talent and it is a joy for me seeing him play. Like you said, no wonder he quits the game from time to time.

I have my own sad story with the Peruvian chess federation. Twice I won the U16 championship of my city and qualified for the nationals... which due to "internal problems" never took place. So I quit the game for 10 years and only came back to active play when I came to the states to study... and you guys complain about USCF.

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