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World Cup 2005 r5.2

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All four of the top-tier games were decisive today, amazing. Just seconds ago Grischuk converted against Gelfand to level the score and force tiebreaks. None of the other matches will require the third day. Ponomariov ground down Bareev, Aronian beat Gurevich, and Bacrot took out Rublevsky. So we are guaranteed four 2700s in the final four, which is great. Note that the matches do not get any longer in this event. The semifinals and finals are still two games and then rapids. Next year's candidates matches are planned to run six games.

In the second group the only decisive game was Carlsen's excellent win with black against Lautier. After various miracles Kamsky held off Sakaev to win that match. I don't think I've ever seen a game in which so many rooks were placed in take by so many bishops! Malakhov drew to win his match with Dreev. van Wely - Vallejo Pons will go to tiebreaks. If you're trying to keep track, this means Carlsen, Kamsky, Malakhov and either van Wely or Vallejo Pons continue fighting for the two or three spots in next year's candidates matches. Pairing discussion below.


Wasn't Carlsen's 29..e5 instead of the "obvious" ..Nxd4 fascinating - I think Lautier could have just taken on e5 but he got confused and blundered instead. I also like that mighty knight on f4, it went there on move 17 and then never moved away, pretty much deciding the game!

Are the pairings going to be Carlsen-Kamsky and Malakhov-van Wely/Vallejo Pons? Haven't really got my head around the pairing system. :-)

Yah, it's messy. I just read the rules a few more times and I'm still not sure. It may actually depend on who wins tomorrow since it's all done by rating. In the next pairings Carlsen is treated as having the rating of Lautier since he beat him. (Regulations 3.4.4: http://fide.com/news/download/WC05-07Regs.pdf) Lautier is rated higher than anyone other than Kamsky of the 9-12 crowd, so that should make Carlsen #2 no matter what. Malakhov is between van Wely and Vallejo Pons. So, according to my calculations, if van Wely wins he plays Kamsky and if Vallejo Pons wins he plays Carlsen and Kamsky gets Malakhov. Pythagoras, eat your heart out. (Unless I'm wrong.) [Which I was, see below. It should be Kamsky-Carlsen and Malakhov-van Wely/Vallejo Pons.]

This one is easier to figure out, but since I'm all about customer service... In the sixth round it's Bacrot-Aronian and Ponomariov-Gelfand/Grischuk.

Thanks, Mig :-) Hoping Magnus can make it into the candidates matches, so not playing Gata Kamsky is probably an advantage. Better with an opponent who is a bit more up and down in their performance.

In trying to understand the method of pairing according to the regulations, I come to a different conclusion, but is also uncertain.

Malakhov takes the ranking of Dreev, who is the higest ranked of 9-16.

Kamsky ranked second.

Carlsen takes the ranking of Lautier, third.

The winner of Van Wely and Vallejo Pons is ranked fourt.

Which gives Malakov against the winner of Van Wely and Vallejo Pons. And Kamsky against Carlsen.

Anyone with 100% control over the pairings?

its says on chessbase.com that gelfand is though. is this the case? i thought they still had tiebreaks!

That's Freddie's Alzheimer's acting up. I just fixed it. But if he saves back over it Gelfand might be through again :-)

Ah, speaking of Alzhiemer's I forgot Dreev was rated higher than Malakhov. So he'll be #1, Kamsky #2, Carlsen #3, as you said. That should be right.

I did not think of this.

I have been rooting for Kamsky and Carlsen. if they play each other then I will not be so happy. One of them will lose. I want both to win.

Sports with winning and losing can be cruel sometimes.

if they do take 11. then one can lose here and win the next round and be 11.

One nice thing is that the winner of Carlsen Kamsky will go on to the Candidates. so that is pretty nice. at least I will have one person to root for in the Candidates.



Main Entry: blas·phe·my
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well I will pick definition 2.

I really want to see Bessel Kok win the presidency. but dont tell anyone but I am enjoying the World Cup that Kirsan has set up. It is actually fun. I also hate to say this. Maybe there is something wrong with me. but I enjoyed San Luis.

I will admit I am a bit addicted to chess. I have refused to go to a Chessaholics Anonymous Meeting. I prefer to live in denial of my problem.

I guess I have to be grateful for the internet. it really makes chess so much better. I really enjoy being able to watch the games.

Immediately this tournament is over. I promise to get to the priest and confess my sin that I enjoyed a chess tournament that Kirsan had something to do with. Oh my. will my chess friends ever forgive me.


Tommy, you are a message board thread waiting to happen. Please take the free association over there. You can post all day long. I try to keep new items on topic here. If you feel you just absolutely must share these thoughts, go over to the message boards. There's a link on the left. No reply or explanation required. Thanks.


My calculation of the round 6 pairings:

Playing for places 1-4
Ponomariov - Gelfand/Grischuk winner
Bacrot - Aronian
Playing for places 5-8
Bareev - Rublevsky
Gurevich - Gelfand/Grischuk loser
Playing for places 9-12
Carlsen - Malakhov
Kamsky - Vallejo/van Wely winner
Playing for places 13-16 if Vallejo loses
Sakaev - Lautier
Dreev - Vallejo
Playing for places 13-16 if van Wely loses
van Wely - Lautier
Sakaev - Dreev

You can trust Andy. Zek (as we know him on ICC) is ominiscient.

Wasn´t Zek one of Spassky's seconds at some point?

Heh. Zak was an early trainer of Spassky's.

The Russians are not faring too well. Six of them entered this round and four of them are already gone. Should Grischuk lose to Gelfand, Malakhov would be the one remaining Russian. (Fortunately for Russia, Svidler and Morozevich are seeded into the 2007 FIDE World Championship.)

Malakhov has already lost and is in the second group. Grischuk, Bareev, and Rublevsky are already guaranteed candidates match spots. Malakhov still might make it.

I was wondering if Carlsen's game with JL was rapid or the Fide Match Time control. The Nc2 miss, reported by Chessbase, on move 38 seems quite easy----(my son found it in seconds--of course he is fully rested and the only pressure he feels tonight is "will Spidey beat Doc Ock")----winning is all that counts. Also JL's Ba6 missing that he could not take the rook is surprising.

Anyway----I'm lovin this cup! Go Kamsky and Carlsen.

I also have thoroughly enjoyed the posted interviews. These interviews are great for chess.

Wow, the youngsters are doing well this World Cup! It bodes well for chess in the future: Ponomariov, Bacrot, Aronian, and who knows, maybe Grischuk too, for 4/4 from "the new generation".

Yes, I noticed the russian debacle. On the other hand 7 of the 8 are ex-Soviet.
Kamsky (Talion) has been making interesting comments on ICC in the ongoing Grischuk-Gelfand tiebreaks.

I would love to see an analysis of the second Sakaev-Kamsky game -- Kamsky's defense was reminiscent of Houdini's escapes!

Sure was! I was convinced that Sakaev had to have a forced win, but haven't yet been able to find one.

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