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Corus 2006 r11

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Just tossing out a thread before I dash out to run some errands. There is actual sun outside, if a bit on the frozen side. I got excited when Kasparov told me Ivanchuk had winning chances, but it's looking more drawish with every move (after 49..Kd4 now), especially since Chukky's using a lot of time. [Update: Drawn on move 63.] Leko beat Mamedyarov, who has looked somewhat overwhelmed in this event. Karjakin beat Sokolov. Kamsky has good swindling chances against van Wely. [Update: "Binary" Kamsky won! All or nothing!]

Motylev won one for Mother Russia and pounded Carlsen to take over the lead in the B Group with 8/11. Maybe he's insisting on having at least one Russian in the A Group next year. Official site.


Ivanchuk-Topolov 1/2-1/2

Nice work by Motylev....He outplayed Magnus AND avoided any swindles. However, Carlsen has yet to play the tailender, Lahno. Motylev has the tougher pairings with Almasi and Humpy Koneru. So, there is a good chance that Carlsen will still manage to tie for 1st in the B Group. Of course, even if Carlsen doesn't get the automatic invitation to the A Group in 2007, it would be a big surprise if he were not invited to play in the "A-list" section next time around.

Tomorrow's penultimate round between the two top guns should prove interesting. Anand with black, will have to go after it if he wants to win this thing or even share it with Topolov.

I think the last round pairing favors Topolov, only because Gelfand has been playing better than Leko up to this point. The colors may help to even it out though; still, it's crucial for Anand tomorrow. Hoping for a battle royal between the two great ones.

Also, no better oportunity for Kamsky to finally show something with the black pieces against Mamedyarov tomorrow.

Go Kamsky!

I watched the Kamsky game for awhile then had to do something else till around move 40 or so when I checked back in it looked like a draw what a great surprise to see he won again! Kamsky is still talented and it is going to be alot of fun watching him climb back into the elite ranks!

You forgot to honk your horn, runnerpadilla.

Happy Birthday, Mozart! A greater genius than the cumulative genius in the Corus GM-A, GM-B, and GM-C groups taken together! Rejoice!

do, I do not doubt that for a moment. But I suggest either "cumulative" or "taken together". Using them both obscures enthusiasm with effusion.

Anand is going to PISS ME OFF if he takes a quick draw with Black against Topalov.

Well do I get one guess at who likes classical music.

do re mi nice name.

Kamsky does not have to climb back into the elite ranks. He is there now at corus and the candidates matches. what he has to do is stay there. He is involved in a big King of the Hill Game. and everyone is trying to get to the top and push everyone else down.

Kamsky's win was very energizing for me. He played the last few moves perfectly. He definitely has the talent.

It occured to me as I was preparing my round 11 ChessBase notes that only three players have won more games than Kamsky in this tournament. Very impressive, especially considering how hideous most of his losses were. That is, he barely had a chance out of the opening in most of them.

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet claims Magnus played with a fever (http://www.dagbladet.no/sport/2006/01/27/456077.html). Hope he gets better for the last two rounds.

About Kamsky, Somebody once said that if you want to become a good player, you have to first lose thousand times.... (but I hope not so many are needed)

I think Topalov is going to give Anand a hard time with white.

Sorry Ashish Anand must have been happy to take second.

Kamsky is cranking up the pressure against Mamedyarov. Maybe another win is in sight? Man what he could have pulled off here without the handicap he gave himself in his openings!

Whoa! Kamsky won, and is now out of the cellar! Fun to watch, since I sometimes play the "Schlecter Slav" as well. But what's the deal with Mamedyarov's 42. Bxa6?? Strange that a hallucination should occur just *after* the time control.

Kamsky so far has won 4 times as many games as Mamedyarov, Tiviakov, Sokolov, and Bacrot all together!

Hah, was just posting that. But I'm including Aronian with different math.

You calling _me_ old? I am younger than all of you put together!

Wow, what a pounding by Motylev. How does it compare to Topalov-Aronian?

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