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Corus 2006 r5

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Results and games at ChessBase. Report with my notes and comments from Kasparov and on-site will be added tomorrow morning.

Anand continues his torrid pace by beating Leko, who looked completely helpless. He's really shown some horrible form lately. This was as bad as his hideous loss to Svidler in San Luis. All credit to Vishy, but Leko never used to lose games like this. He's put up negative scores in his last two events and is on -1 now at Corus, where he won last year with +4, beating Anand in their game.

Ivanchuk moved back up and is in a tie for second with Topalov after adding to Kamsky's woes. Just not pretty to watch. Chess is hard. Brooklyn's pulling for ya, Gata. It won't get any easier; he has white against Anand tomorrow. As Shiv commented, it's not exactly a fair rematch of their amazing candidates match encounters from 1994-95. The last time they played it was a brilliant win for Kamsky at Dos Hermanas, 1996.

Topalov-Mamedyarov was the most interesting game of the round. Wild drawing combination by Black at the end, very nice stuff. Mamedyarov, a late substitute for Kramnik, is starting to warm up a bit perhaps. He's now the only player without a decisive game. Aronian-Adams went back and forth. Mickey missed excellent winning chances with 38..Re2! in time trouble. Bacrot played a dubious theoretical move (19..fxe4?!) against Karjakin and got into serious problems almost immediately. It's over after the nice 29.Bd2!, likely what Black missed. The Frenchman and the American have both castled long now.

Beliavsky lost to Carlsen in 20 moves. Ugh. Garry's comments about this disaster are amusing, as you might imagine. By my count Black wastes something like five moves of the first dozen or so. ..Bb7, ..Bc8, ..Be6, ..Bxa2 ?? You've got to be kidding. Big Al forgot to take his gingko biloba today.


"Frenchman and American have both castled long now."

Is this a reference to all the zeroes they possess on the crosstable? 0-0-0?

Hate to see that from Gata. Hopefully this whole tournament will be a wake up call for him in two key areas, 1) Openings, and 2) Motivation to prove his mettle/avenge his losses.

He's clearly talented/gifted - that's something you can't lose. And he is a tenacious defender.

Go Gata, go Gata...

I think Gata invented a new move...the Super-duper castle! In algebraic notation, it is written: 0-0-0-0.

The basic idea is that the King moves off the board and is handed to the opponent.

Kasparov's retirement written in algebraic notation: 0-0-0-0-0

Gata will rise from the ashes. There are 8 more rounds left and his opponents have lower ratings.

Bet Kamsky is thinking "Damn, that Law Career is looking better and better."

How come Leko always wears the same sweater?

Yeah, The U.S. doesn't need another world class chessplayer, but with attorney's in such short supply...

After playing Anand tomorrow, if Kamsky can score say 4 or 5 out of 7 in the remaining rounds, he could still feel allright about his come back. If not, and he continues in this losing mode, then psychologically it's going to be difficult; especially having to look ahead to the candidate matches.

He has a ton of talent, but like I said previously, 8-9 years away from theory and practice may be too much. Even with the chess genius of a Kasparov or Fischer, they always worked hard to stay atop of the current theoretical discussions while they were active.

"You've got to grasp the pieces with all five fingers" – Vishy Anand explaining to Peter Leko what he did wrong in their round five game.

Is that for real??? :-D (From Chessbase)

Peterbb asks: "You've got to grasp the pieces with all five fingers" Vishy Anand explaining to Peter Leko what he did wrong in their round five game." -- Is that for real?

Are YOU for real! Come on, we ALL know four fingers are enough to lift a piece, so obviously mig is jesting, Anand must have indicated to Leko that he needs to use the five fingers to do something else. Got it? !!

Ok Peterbb, I will let you in on what Anand was REALLY telling Leko. Obviously even Mig didn't have a clue to this. Anand was showing to Leko (both are vegetarins, incidentally) how to eat Indian food using all of one's fingers. That is all.

For the record, I didn't write that. Frederic did.

There is Mig Style and there is Frederic Style, it is not so hard to tell.

But in the next picture in chessbase news, Anand himself uses only two fingers. An Indian meal must take a long time, if you have to pick up each rice grain with thumb and index finger.


It appears that Kamsky is taking the hammer to Anand as we speak. Reports of his demise are apparently quite premature.



Kamsky is alive - long live Kamsky!


Okay, let us assess the Kamsky performance thus far. With white, he has beaten Gelfand and Anand, and he missed a draw against Aronian. With black, he has played some sad chess, indeed. It appears that the wise choice after Khanty was to go to 1. d4 and leave that Sicilian stuff alone, because he was looking bad against it. Now, he must come up with some approach with the black pieces that allows him not to get rolled the way he has been dominated in his first two games with black. (Of course, even a player in the best form can lose to Ivanchuk, but the position against Karjakin went bad for no reason.



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