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Kasparov in the ACP

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If your reaction was also "Whaaaa!?" you should scroll down the page of people who voted in the recent board election of the Association of Chess Professionals. It's right there, "Kasimdzhanov [sic], Kasparov, Kazhgaleyev..." This was a bit of a shock since Garry Kasparov's comments about the ACP (of which I'm a member) have been contemputous at best, mostly regarding their inability to raise any money. You may have figured out by now that the vote came from Belorussian IM Sergey Kasparov, ACP member and bane of database searchers everywhere. And just like in those searches, the ACP should include a first initial on the list to avoid any such confusion.

The new board has selected officers: President Pavel Tregubov, Secretary Bartlomiej Macieja, Treasurer Almira Skripchenko. All were on the previous board. Good luck to them. It would be nice to see a statement of goals and purpose for the new year. An organizational endorsement for the FIDE presidential elections could be on the agenda soon. There is no reason to be impartial on something so critical to the lives of its members.


i would like to play a rated game with Sergey..and oops i will just forget to write down in my scoresheet his first name.....

Good luck to all new selected ACP board members!
Almira i want to marry you!!! :) :)
(i am rich, beautiful,educated, i love pets and children blah blah...), hope that my poor 2098 rating doesnt bother you...

In Arizona I got to play against Gregory Kasparov, so even the first initial doesn't help there! Luckily, I have played (in a simul) against the real Gary, too.

Here in Malta I played against a Russian Garry Gaspariants and drew. Is that close enough!

FYI to christosk,
I believe, unfortunately, that Almira is married... but you are right on.... nothing is more sexier than a beautiful woman that can play chess!!


I believe Almira is separated from Joel Lautier. Don't know if she is married since.

OMG maybe this is my chance to move in on Almira Skripchenko.

Almira I am radiantly handsome and ultra rich. oozing money all over the place. Just drop me a line and I will send my private jet to pick you up for a lunch date. we can rendezvous in the Mediterranean.

Ahh we men we always dream. dream on my friends dream on. what else do I have but my dreams.

Beautiful women who can play chess. what chance does a man have against such beauty.

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