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Wanted: Wojtkiewicz & Tate

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[Update: Both Wojtkiewicz and Tate have made contact. Wow, that was fast. Behold the power of Dirt! Thanks, guys.] The AF4C is putting out an APB for US Championship qualifiers Aleks Wojtkiewicz and Emory Tate. Their player contracts are well overdue and they haven't been able to contact them despite a frantic search. Replacements will be named unless they return their contracts. Tate's trail stops at the Liberty Bell Open a few weeks ago, where, according to several accounts, he was involved in a serious altercation with hotel security. Don't tell me we have another invitee in jail! As for Wojo, if he becomes the first player ever to lose his spot by forgetting to send in his contract, the Polish jokes are going to be hard to avoid.

Now that I've managed to offend everyone with a simple request for information... Seriously, if you can let them know to contact the AF4C ASAP or can provide their contact info to John Henderson at the AF4C it would be greatly appreciated.


I've been at two other tournaments where Tate was envolved in altercations. Apparently a good chessplayer with some unresolved issues.

I've played in a tournament with Tate. In fact, I actually played a game against him. (Did something dumb and got crushed.) I can say this: Tate is out of his skull. I saw him try to pick a woman up in a bar with the line, "I'm one of the best chess players on the planet." That did not get far.

Someone let the ICCers know there's a Tate thread going and this site will get swamped.

That was NOT the intent of this item! Anyone know where he is?

APB - Acquisition Program Baseline ??

Ask Daaim Shabazz. He will know.

Wojtkiewicz has made contact. One down, one to go!

I just talked to an admin at ICC. While not divulging a handle, he said he would e-mail him this link.

I just sent you his (Tate) email address plus messaged his ICC handle about this.


Emory Tate is no more a character than Wojo in the chess world. Everybody has a Wojo story about his occasional loutish behavior at the chess board. On this regard, Wojo makes Tate looks like a saint!

Another thing--if Tate has "unresolved" issues then Wojo needs to be put in a mental institution for life.


John Henderson had Tate's e-mail address since yesterday morning and contacted Tate.

The good thing is John was successful in reaching both players. That's all that matters.

Another thing--if Tate has "unresolved" issues then Wojo needs to be put in a mental institution for life.


What stories? Enquiring minds want to know!


If nasty gossip is what the reading public wants, I can tie today's thread with yesterday's by bringing up a personal Boris Kreiman story. Nothing involving physical violence though (unfortunately for you gossip-hounds, but very fortunately for me !!) But, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for my book for the details.

Larry Evans (among others) has published a few stories that reflect badly on the late Sammy Reshevsky.

I also have one that reflects poorly on someone who I'm afraid to even name -- since I'd come off like I was like defaming Mother Teresa. (And if you haven't already figured it out, there is very little in chess that makes me afraid.)

The older readers among you may recall the name of Jackie Beers, whose "unresolved issues" rating was north of 3000.

Funny there's a thread on this on Chess NINJA.

Jon Jacobs, is the person you are afraid to name alive or dead? If dead, I have a guess, although I won't post it here. I'm not THAT fearless!


In battles with the dead, the living have an advantage that the various engines evaluate at anywhere from +0.85 (+/-) to +2.47 (+ - ).

The film, "Mommie Dearest", testifies convincingly to this truism.

I refer to the ending: Joan's lawyer reads the two children the late actress's will which says: "I'm leaving you nothing, for reasons you well know." Her kids knew nothing of the sort; they had been good kids, while Joan had been the mom from hell.

The movie ends with that scene. The clear implication is, the kids refuted her parting shot from the grave with their own counter-shot -- writing the book and making the movie that told the world what Joan was really like.

So, unless you believe in voodoo or vampires, you need not fear the dead -- especially someone you never offended while they were alive.

I have happened to have very positive experiences with both Aleks and Emory. Let's be careful with the thoughtless gossip.

John Fernandez

can you give me the url of the thread on Chess Ninja. I have looked everywhere and can not find it.

thanks in advance


I have had very positive experiences with both Aleks and Emory, so let's be careful with the thoughtless gossip.

A great man.
A mighty fine man.

Stendec, my comments were merely reporting of what I had witnessed with my own eyes and ears.

Jon Jacobs, your answer was non-responsive! And while one might not have to fear the dead themselves, they often have friends amongst the living.


To say "I've played in a tournament with Tate" already questions your credibility. How many of us have played in a tournament with Tate?

You played Tate... so what? Oh... he tried a line in a bar on a woman. Were you really eavesdropping to their conversation? There may be other things that one can question of Tate's behavior, but not the fact that he made a move on a woman in a bar.

By your posts, it seems as if you're enamored with gossip and innuendo.

i too have played in a tournament where emory tate played in. i also heard some of the stories about him while @ this tournament. however, i had the chance to meet him and spend some time with him( we had been bumping into each other at the same tourneys) and found him to be very pleasant. it's not paranoia when "they" truly are out to get u.


I have played in many tournaments with Tate. I have played Tate. I have driven with Tate through the deserts of Utah and Nevada. I like Emory Tate.

I have seen Tate play at many tournaments. To spectators, he's very entertaining. He is a fighter over the board, not off. Sure, he's intense. But he is good. He has a certain sense of humor about his intensity. He knows when he goes over the top and can laugh about it.

Walter Browne once called him the most dangerous untitled player he ever faced. Q.E.D.

Oh, Shabazz, get over your bad self already. I wasn't questioning that he was hitting on a woman in a bar: I was questioning his choice of pick-up line. Exactly how dense are you?

And as for eves-dropping, I was standing at said bar getting a drink, same as Tate, same as the woman. Early on a Saturday afternoon in Fells Point, Baltimore, it wasn't exactly HOPING, you know. Even the TV was turned off.

Do chess player have groupies?
If so, at what rating do the babes start to arrive?

Well on that note before the game 14 of his match with Leko Kramnik was seeing walking the streets of Astana with a beautiful woman, this being somekind of therapy to instill mental confidence or something of the sort.

Oh, I see IcePick...

His choice of pickup lines makes him "out of his skull?" Anyway... who on this board (except you) cares about Tate's pickup lines? Take your gossip (about people you don't know) elsewhere.

Oh hell!
That's 2700+

I love these little known chess facts. Before today I'll bet no one knew that Kramnik flew in from Astana to play Game 14 against Leko.

Don't curse the darkness, light a candle! Share some of your better pickup lines with him (and us).

yes the groupies dont show up until you pass about 2852 elo. I believe Kasparov topped out at 2851. so that should give you a nice goal to shoot for.

I find most of the conversation negative and not very nice.

One very good comment came from fluffy. Thank you fluffy. good to see some nice people around here today.

Well I am ready to move on to a new more positive topic.

But Tommy -- now that you've let us know you won't be here, it becomes safe to gossip about you. :)

I would like to see both Tate and Wojo in the US Championship. I have met both, and both are ok in my book! Tate's mother lives in my state. And we hung out at the 2000(1)? World Open. Wojo played in a Biloxi, MS tournament. (no more of those for awhile due to Katrina!)

Quote by jon jacobs

"But Tommy -- now that you've let us know you won't be here, it becomes safe to gossip about you. :)"

Thanks for the good belly laugh.

But you are a little late. the Gossip already started.


Daim, I dunno anything 'bout Tate, but I have to agree with Icepick that "I'm one of the strongest Chess players on the planet" has to be a strong contender for worst pick up line ever!

It's not what you say, it's how you say it.

i bow down to Mr Koster's superior knowledge.

Jon, since you're dropping little teasers with no money shot, why not get cracking with your comparative defamation of Mother Teresa instead? She was a fundamentalist and a fraud, so at least it would be a safer bet for you than fingering a chess saint.

Wanna know what's wrong with chess here in the USA??
No interest from the average sports fan. I've met and conversed with Wojo a few times in tourneys, heard his lectures, ect. and he's a real good person. His girlfriend writes about him at www.chessgames.com and gives you a little of the personal side of his persona. He's gone thru a lot of hard times in Europe, and is a very kind and warm human being. Have never had the pleasure of meeting Tate, but if what I hear is true, what a dream match this could be for American chess. Get Ashley, Yasser, maybe Fedo, Christiansen, maybe even get the female take from Susan Polgar or Jen Shahade. Chess has to start appealing to the average sports fan, if interest is to start growing. Oh well my two cents.

Bit of an uphill battle, since [i]most people don't consider chess a sport. [/i]

I'd be perfectly happy with expanding the niche market we're in...

My uncle Jack is schizophrenic. I wish people on chess blogs and usenets would stop just using him as a source of humor. He's a *person*.

S Beers

I was stationed with Tate. Watched him wax a good friend in a dorm room game without ever looking at the board. Emory definitely has a lot of personality, but then again, many of the "greats", regardless of their pursuits, had quirks. I've seen the good and the bad sides of Emory, but then again, I can say the same of a lot of people I've met in my life.

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