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Poikovsky 2006

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Tune your Google Earth to "chilly" and check out the seventh edition of this excellent annual event in Siberia. The first round is underway now, in case you were also fooled by their having the opening ceremonies on the same day. (TWIC lists it starting tomorrow.) There are live games at the Aeroflot chess site. The official site is in funny characters. I guesstimate it at a category 17 [18, actually. 2680 avg], with Ponomariov, Bareev, Shirov, Bologan, and one of the event's founders, new US champion Alexander Onischuk, who didn't get much rest. He could have used it since he's the lowest-rated player in the event!

Seeing one of the games already drawn in 18 moves was startling after working the US championship, where a 30-move minimum was in place. The field is a curious mix, heavy on Russian veterans. Last year's co-winner (with Bologan), Bacrot, isn't playing. Nice to see Shirov back in action in an event worthy of his caliber. Perhaps he'll play for Spain this year in Turin?


Hi Mig! According to Spanish chess magazine "Peón de Rey", Shirov may have reached an agreement with Spanish Chess Federation to play for Spain in Turin (Vallejo is still a doubt as his relation with the Spanish Chess Federation isnt good at all)

Why do all Chess Federations in the world have problems with players and vice-verse? Is it some chess curse or what?

Why can't we all live in peace? And play chess, ofcourse.

Hi Mig, why did you choose tke King, Knight and Pawn for your dirty poster, just want to know if it has any hidden meaning?

Hi Peter, I think you could use some of Mig's websiting expertise. Your site is around 2300 elo.

Jovan Petronic ("guest"), would you please start amalgamating your posts instead of spamming the comments of every item with multiple non sequiturs every ten minutes? It makes things confusing and hard to read. Thanks ever so much.

When I click on Joel Benjamin's picture on the US Championship site it says this is his 33rd championship. Given that he is only 41 doesnt this beat even Fischer's record for youngest to play in a US championship at the age of 8?

Good to see Shirov playing well. It would be nice to see him re-join the elite. Is it just me, or has Ponomariov been playing fantastic chess lately? He seemed adrift for a while, but now he's playing like the player everyone thought he'd become.

Ditto Andrew's comments. Shirov had really been playing badly, and I'd love to see Ponomariov play like the guy who won the WC, rather than the one who got spanked in his supertourney invites afterwards.

What is up with Bologan ? 3 losses in a row ?

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