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Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? Anyone here? Yah, I'm back. To satisfy your curiousity, feel free to make up your own really wild reason why I've been gone. It might be more interesting than the truth, which is pretty interesting, if I may say. But I may not. Mostly work, if from several rather unexpected locations, neither of which had much in the way of internet availability. Which was part of the point, natch.

This just highlights why I need guest bloggers, or a capable vice-blogger-in-chief, lined up. Problem is, 1) I'm not sure anyone could live up to my low standards and 2) I doubt anyone would want the job.


Oh...My Gawd!!!

I would.

"Internet availability"? Yep, most jail cells don't. I'm looking forward to your fabrication about this one.

Teaching Uma Thurman chess.

What? No cats available?

You would be amazed at how hard some people would work to live up to your low standards (they might break a sweat!), and there is always SOMEONE who wants the job, usually the person who is the least qualified.

Obviously, you were interviewing for the White House Press Secretary gig. Sorry you didn't get it!

I'm glad you got away from the ninjas, Mig.

Hey, did you get a good look at the propulsion system on that alien craft you were on?

Oh yeah, Sec. Rumsfeld was asking around for you. He said he had more preparation to give you! He left his cell # in cuneiform in the Skull and Bones clubhouse for you.

BTW, your lawyer said that drug rap won't hold up. But you shouldn't be getting so high that you can't update your own site, sir!

Anyway, welcome back.

--Chris Anderson

I was just getting used to not having you around.

Please Mig dont try to convince anyone around here that you were working. No one will believe you.

And don't try to pawn this job off on me. I have more important things to do in my life than getting sexy pictures of every gorgeous female chess player around the world. I dont think any red blooded american guy would want to suffer through all those beautiful women asking them where is Mig.


Don't be shy - were you dropped on your head as a child?

while you were away there was an hilarious article about Kirsan in the New Yorker. Kept checking back here because I was sure there'd be discussion, but instead I had to discuss it with myself, over cold tea.

I want my five bucks back.


I didn't know he had been abducted by aliens. That gives him credibility. I doubt Kok was ever abducted.

Tweaking Uma Thurman's wha?!?! (Oh wait a second that's not what it said. And here I thought Mig was THE MAN!)

Obviously, you were picking up a little Florida bungalow. http://www.tbo.com/news/metro/MGBEIBRZJME.html
Nice to have you in the area now, Mig.

He had to take a quick trip to Antarctica to take pictures of Alexandra Kosteniuk playing chess with the penguins. Very dramatic, high-contrast landscape: clearly they needed a photographer of Mig's skill to capture the spirit of the venue. Expect a full-color, 75 shot portfolio to be posted to a web site near you soon!

Mig was playing 4-game match knockout tournament for the presidentship of FIDE with Kirstan, 80+ Smyslov and Deep Blue. Unfortunately, the tournament had to be canceled when it turned out that nobody who was behind at 2 games ever came back to win the match. Then it turned out Deep Blue was using a radio transmitter to cheat. So sad.

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