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The final round of the French League saw a critical final match that contained a curious pairing. NAO beat Monaco to take the title for the fourth year straight, winning two and losing one with the rest drawn. Match board order is always a curious science, but I'm wondering whose idea it was to move Almira Skripchenko up to board seven, and/or Joel Lautier down to board seven. Perhaps Monaco hoped the psychic difficulty of someone playing their ex-wife would overcome a 260-point rating disadvantage? Or that they are still good friends might lead to a peaceful draw? It didn't, and Lautier won with black. Btw, many of the gamescores from the event are a jumble, including that game.


Has he not stopped beating his ex-wife yet...?


Yah, I used that one a few years ago with another coupling, not ex though. Not that I don't repeat myself all the time with worse material.

In fact, there's no apriori order of the players, it can be chosen as desired within a 103 point limit to play in a higher board, so they didn't know in advance who they would play.

Hell hath no furry like a scorned women. Now he's really in deep....

Hell hath naught but scorn for a furry woman.

Charles -- it's not often ChessNinja makes me laugh out loud!


Good one on my typo. Cracked me up.

Guys...anyone playing Almira is in a psychic difficulty. Personally if i were playing with her, after some moves i would have said to her:

" sorry it is impossible to concentrate myself, having you so close to me, would you want to have a drink with me in a nice place , i know? "

Let chess go to hell...!!!

At least Almira doesn't position her chest over the 4th rank while pondering a move -- like another prominent female chess professional we all know and love.

Message to Joe Blow, Who is the chess pro who extends her bosom in the way you describe?

Joe blow:

Can you name the person ?

At the risk of being risque, one of the stronger (both in chess and 'chest') female players in the US, a certain Ukranian imigre ;-) is distracting, even when not playing her.

Horny nerds are funny.

Charles, that was a good one.

Women with large chests should be banned from mixed events.

The matter of how big is big is bound to come up.

I'd suggest that anything larger than a melon should exclude females from such competitions, though some might argue for Spanish Tomotoes, which are very popular at this time of year.

What about men with large breasts?

Yes definitely ban them too. Its only fair.

Since this thread needs some enlightenment, sorry Tommy. I think it's absolutely wrong for women with large breasts to be excluded from any chess tournament. I think the right thing to do would be to pair each and every one against me and give me an additional amount of time on my clock while I muse over the position at hand, so-to-speak. I know its BIG of me, but I'm willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

Chesstraveler's brave volunteerism should be lauded by all who read the chessninja.com/dailydirt site. I for one, also volunteer in this 'necessary' work.

You will know chesstraveler by his dark sunglasses.

I know this is all in jest, but really: it's remarkable that it takes but three or four chess aficionados gathered together to make clear why so few women are involved in top-flight chess...

Theorist, as an active tournament player at the class-patzer level I can assure you that there are even fewer women involved in "bottom-flight" chess than "top-flight." And the persistent trashing on various threads here of Susan Polgar -- who is today the main impetus for bringing more girls and women into the game at the amateur level -- helps assure the imbalance will continue.

Any male-dominated activity will have guys drooling over the few women who enter. This is especially true for highly competitive, mixed activities like chess. The real question is why chess became male-dominated in the first place. And that's probably more about genetics and acculturation than about women being driven off by offensive remarks.

God forbid...a little levity. Regarding Susan, yes she does a lot to advance girls and womens chess. She does quite a bit to advance chess in general. God bless her for all she does in chess and I hope she continues to do so successfully. I don't dislike Susan as I stated recently in another post, but damn it she like anyone else in a high profile position, is not beyond reproach. From my perspective the politically correct McCartyist's will just have to learn to live with it.

McCarthyist's. I should have left it misspelled to see what Charles M L may have come up with.

A once-promising neighborhood (male) chessplayer, I've been traumatized by the thrashings routinely meted out on these pages to Karpov, Kasparov, Kramnik and many others....and thus have never mustered the courage to walk into an official chess tournament. What a loss to the chess world.

McCarthyists. No apostrophe. Check out the apostrophy protection society at www.apostrophe.fsnet.co.uk

David, I can live with that.

Hello Greg,

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