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Sleep in Topalov's Bed

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Sorry, ladies (or gents, as the case may be), but the man himself will be long gone. One of the more bizarre promotions I've heard of is on the MTel site. Topalov has an apartment at the Grand Hotel in Sofia and you can rent it for 310 Euro per night, presumably when he's not there. According to a web check, a regular room at the Grand Hotel is 130 euros, a "panorama suite" is 320, and a "grand suite" will set you back 442. So the question is, does the Topalov Suite have a jacuzzi, hair dryer, and high speed internet? And what about flower arrangements? I hope they at least change the sheets.

Kasparov's old room in Linares now bears his name. By the way, for just 150 dollars you can sleep on the Brooklyn sofabed that has given discomfort to chess journalism luminaries John Henderson, Malcolm Pein, and Frederic Friedel. Cat hair at no extra charge. 20 meters from subway, two blocks from the park.


That's a much better deal than sleeping w/ Ilyumzhinov for $1,000,000

Do you have off-season rates? Can I book for the Thanksgiving weekend? Do you offer tours of all the chess related sights? Continental breakfast?

No no Mig you didn't understand anythingh about the hotel's promotion.
When you pay the 310 you rent the room for the day Topalov leaves it: you'll pay for the GREAT
ADVANTAGE to find the room EXACTLY as Topalov let it...
You can sleep in the sheet Toppy used for 11 days and dry your face with the towell he used. The bath is wet with the water from his last shawer and you'll find his chewing gum in the ash trayers. If you are lucky under the bed you'll find the dirty sock he forgot...A beautiful experience isn't it ?

Oh yeah? Which park? If it's Prospect you may have a deal.



Sure you can, christos. Not while she's in it though.

one of my friends once slept in the same room that marion barry got caught smoking crack in.

"If it's Prospect you may have a deal."

Doesn't Mig live in Williamsburg? Definitely not Prospect Park. I'm an ex-Brooklynite, and don't recall any "name" parks in W'burg. There's McCarren Park in Greenpernt...

I live two blocks from Prospect Park.

Cool! I used to run marathons in the Brooklyn days, and spent more hours running around PP than I care to recall.

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