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2006 World Open

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This mighty annual open is underway in Philadelphia. There's a strong Indian contingent in Philly this year, along with the usual host of strong nationals and internationals questing for the giant first prize. $40,000 is the given top, but that's largely based on number of entries. They should know actual prize list by now. I haven't seen a complete participant list either. The early results are only for the extended 7-day schedule and most of the big guns play the accelerated schedules. It would be nice to see a complete participant list.

The event is a qualifier for the 2007 US Championship, with two spots available. (National Open and US Open the same.) What's this, you say, the 2007 championship? Do tell? I know the feeling. The AF4C has, if not dropped the ball, left it spinning in the air for too long. I spoke with AF4C prez Erik Anderson a few weeks ago and as usual he has a lot going on. He's spoken directly with USCF president and major tourney organizer Bill Goichberg to keep the qualifier process going ad hoc, but there doesn't seem to be any concrete plan yet, leaving the players largely in the dark.

This situation has been exacerbated by the departure of John Henderson from Seattle back to Glasgow. John handled championship chess affairs for the AF4C and it's not clear whether or not he'll be back handling those duties. I hope so. I understand that the $75 qualification fee has been abolished, although some players have already paid it for earlier events and one player, Daniel Ludwig, has been told that he didn't qualify because he didn't pay the fee, although he won the US Masters!

I'm hoping for enough basic info to update the official US championship website. As of now, I don't know much more than you and most of that is not officially confirmed so it isn't of much use. There are big plans and at least one very big sponsor on the hook. What does seem clear is that there will be a separate women's event this time.


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