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The World Open standings are trackable now that the schedules have merged. Switzerland's Vadim Milov, who recently won the San Marino Open, is in the lead with 5/5 after beating Hikaru Nakamura in the fifth round. (Wild Benko Gambit.) Kamsky, Stripunsky, and Hansen are on 4.5 with roughly a bajillion players on 4.0 with four rounds to play. The youth set is there in force and taking scalps. The highly touted Ray Robson has knocked off a few IMs in a row.

Some games are viewable at the official site, but they are also being broadcast by Monroi, the makers of the handheld scorekeepers that finally seem to be gaining some purchase. The moves are transmitted to their central server as the players write them down. I don't know how it's going on site, but the games are nearly real time on the Monroi website. The World Open games are here. You can get PGN from the game list, but not from the Flash viewer itself. It's very spiffy stuff. I wish the viewer displayed time stamps with each move, or counted the clock down. Their "legends speak" page has a nice pic of Kasparov I took in London 2000 and even a video commercial of him endorsing Monroi's gadget.

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