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Women's World Cup Chess

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German chip manufacturer ZMD sponsored a creative event in Dresden, Germany, home of the 2008 chess Olympiad. Held on the weekend of the conclusion of the World Cup, a Women's World Cup of chess rapid event invited top female players from all the nations participating in the football (soccer) event. There were a few substitutions for countries that couldn't provide a player, but mostly it was a strong field. With most of these PR events there is more fan attention paid to cup size than World Cup, and few of the games are worth the time. Report at ChessBase and more at Polgar's blog.

With Russia and China not present it would have been a wide open competition, but the participation of Susan Polgar of the USA changed that in a hurry. She handily outclassed the field to hoist the trophy, never losing a game and beating hometown hope Elizabeth Pähtz in the final. Small consolation for US soccer fans who watched their vastly overrated side play like an American football team, bumbling and tackling their way to an embarrassing exit. And don't get me started on the arbiter who failed to call the penalty in Argentina-Germany. But I digress. Kudos to Polgar and U-S-A, U-S-A! On another positive note, no reports of anyone being head-butted during the final. (An even better version here.)


Posted by: paul at July 11, 2006 12:20

Chess players know how to head-butt although I don't believe Azmaiparashvili did that at the fracas during the 2004 Olympiad.

While I was horrified to see Zidane's actions, I noticed that he performed what is called an "arpão de cabeça" in the martial art I practice... capoeira. Could have caused some serious internal injuries... or death!

When will Polgar play in competitive events with top 100 players?
Posted by: Daaim Shabazz at July 11, 2006 12:46

Really, Daaim? Hitting the sternum (of an athletic, highly fit person) is *that* dangerous?
Posted by: Charles Milton Ling at July 11, 2006 14:55

I'm assuming you're joking, but for those who may not know, the sternum is a kill area... doesn't matter how fit you are. In fact, an overweight person would stand a better chance at surviving.

People killed in car accidents with a steering wheel in the chest die from injuries not unlike Zidane's forceful blow. I haven't heard the media emphasize the danger of Zidane's blow.

That was an interesting tournament theme. I liked the fact that many of the players were wearing jerseys.
Posted by: Daaim Shabazz at July 11, 2006 18:10

No, Daaim, I wasn't joking; I know very little about these things. Thank you for the elucidation.
Posted by: Charles Milton Ling at July 11, 2006 19:21

Reading all of this again, I find Daaim's first posting includes a delightful non sequitur. (No offense meant, I assure you!)

The seamless transition from head-butting to the question when Polgar will play again in competitive events is amusing to simple minds like mine.

Posted by: Charles Milton Ling at July 11, 2006 20:36

I wasn't intending on ridiculing Susan Polgar. I really would like to see her play in something besides an exhibition or novelty events. She's still a marquee player, but she seems to decline playing in the stronger events.
Posted by: Daaim Shabazz at July 11, 2006 21:00

Daaim, does Susan actually get INVITED to the "stronger events"? I think she's rated only 2550 or so, hardly elite. It's pretty clear she is way underrated, but that won't necessarily get you invites. Yeah, she could have played in the U.S. Championship, but few Dirt habitues would call that a strong event. Women's WC last year (or was it early this year?) in Ekaterinburg (sp?), but I doubt that's what you're referring to either.

In any case, I'm glad she is back as a player. (I'd like to see her enter an Open, but she's made clear that's where she draws the line.)

I don't like it when these people (like GM Ashley) who are still easily young enough to produce more good chess and excitement, leave competition to become promoters and cash in. (On the other hand, I understand why they do it, and they have every right to.) (I consider Kasparov a special case.)

Eek, I'm sounding more and more like tommy. I even found myself in agreement with one of his recent posts. Maybe it's time to bow out and recycle my bodily minerals to a soul that's still all here.
Posted by: Jon Jacobs at July 11, 2006 22:39

The latest reports on the Zidane-capoeira incident suggest that Ben Finegold, wearing a Zidane mask, was observed fleeing the scene.
Posted by: ohreally at July 13, 2006 19:11

The Polgar Pixie, that elusive sprite, wholly unaffiliated with the Polgar organization, who pops up under different handles whenever Susan's wonderfulness is questioned....is overdue!
Posted by: greg koster at July 13, 2006 23:46

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