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Alert reader and television watcher John Henderson alerts us to a movie currently showing on ITV3.

Entrusted: First of a two part drama set during World War Two about a woman who teaches her chess-genius son a code to access millions of dollars from Swiss bank vaults to help the needy. But when she meets an untimely demise, the boy's estranged father faces a race against time to keep him out of the hands of the Nazis, who have their own nefarious plans for the young prodigy. Claire Keim and Klaus Maria Brandauer star.

Sounds plausible. Reminds me of Mercury Rising. John says it's repeating regularly. The IMDB has some more info. Let us know what you think if you catch it. John is headed to Mainz for the Classic and Ordix Open next Monday.


I have both the edited and the full miniseries version. I love them both, though the edited is likely easier to watch for most. It does miss some of the scenes that explain more though.

Talking of movies made on chess reminds me of a novel on chess i read some time ago: "The Queen's Gambit" by Walter Tevis. It has 4.5 stars on amazon.com and reviews like: “There’s more excitement in Beth than in the collected works of Robert Ludlum.” --Forth Worth Star-Telegram. Nonsense.

Maybe a good book if you dont play chess or try not to find chess flaws (games are described verbally..)

i know its fashionable these days, but what bugs me is how authors are free to present provably false statments just because their book is a work of 'fiction'...

in this book the WCC who gets beaten by a teenaged american girl gets assistance from Spassky and Petrosian (don't remember for sure if it was these two.. or some other actual WC's) during the adjurnment of their game...

can you write anything about anyone if you call your book a piece of 'fiction'?.. Can you write, say, a spy novel on Clinton forcing Kasparov to retire from chess so he could use him to topple Putin?? And throw in Fischer and KGB too. well, just an example....

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