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Glu Mobile, one of the two or three leading mobile gaming companies, has announced plans for a Kasparov Chess mobile game. Other reports here. It will be released in early 2007. The key feature is the ability to play against anyone else in the system, not just against the engine. I could never get the early versions of Fritz Mobile to work on my Motorola V300. Have you played on a server with a mobile device?

It would be cool to include a variable speed turn system like GameKnot as well as the usual real-time play. E.g. you could pop in and make a move whenever you have a minute and get a message when your opponent has moved. You could set the speed to a few moves per day or per week or whatever. That's a more realistic option for many people. Being able to easily watch live GM games would also be handy, although I doubt that fan base is big enough to push feature development.

I should be seeing early versions and perhaps I can hook up some beta testers. I hope a Treo 700 comes out in GSM form soon so I can see it on something decent.


I play on FICS with my handheld Palm LifeDrive, via a 802.11 wireless protocol. This is using the Palm OS 5.x.


I use Fritz Mobile on my Treo 650. You need to load the IBM Java engine and select "high resolution coordinates" in the preferences menu to get it to work properly.

The interface response rate is a bit slow and annoying in a bitz game. I would rather not play slower time controls on a small platform. I therefore do not play on line with Fritz Mobile too often.

The best feature of Fritz Mobile is the broadcast area. I like watching the big matches in real time while being mobile.

Cellufun has a mobile player to player area. While the interface is a bit chunky the biggest drawback is the poor quality of play.

Cellufun supports multiplayer play, including automatic switch to PBM mode with text message or email when it's your turn, since the game's launch -- about 2500 chess games a day are being played on Cellufun.com network

Here's a review:


I'm an interested party, of course :) But we have high rated players, and if you are playing the server AI you will get a real challenge

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