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NY Times on World Open Cheating

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NY Times chess guy Dylan Loeb McClain, himself a strong chessplayer, has a long article covering the World Open cheating hubbub amply covered in these pages in the comments almost in real time. (Also at the International Herald Trib.) There's some follow-up regarding Steve Rosenberg, who was ejected from the event after refusing to be searched when found using an earpiece. Varshavsky continued in the tournament. I haven't heard anything about any disciplinary action or rules changes being made.

From an email from World Open arbiter Carol Jarecki right after the event concluded:

I've been working on appeals to the TDCC and Ethics Committees regarding Rosenberg and soon will begin on Varshavsky. I've attached a copy of the website picture of Rosenberg's earpiece--it looked exactly like a very tiny pawn ("Phonito") with a thin wire extending out of the base about 1 mm. (or something less than half an inch). I'm an ex-nurse anesthetist, with sufficient medical training, and have never seen or heard of such a device being an authentic hearing aide for people who need legitimate enhancement. Goichberg suspected that the rest of the hardware depicted in the diagram might be found under the heavy cotton sweater that Rosenberg always wore and he was asked to remove it. He became agitated and absolutely refused at which point he was expelled.

The San Jose Mercury News riffed on the Times article with "(Side note: If in life you find yourself standing outside a restroom stall monitoring a chess player's activity, please seek counseling.)"


whoops, wrong div-container ;o)

Yah, caught it on publish but there was a lag. You timed it just right! Forgot to close the div.

I think you mean "1 cm" instead of "1 mm". I mean, a penny is more than a mm thick (a bit less than 1.5, if I recall correctly). A centimetre (cm) is ten millimetres (mm), or a smidgen less than half an inch.

Varshavsky has been assigned CCA rating of 2500, that makes him ineligible for any class prizes in CCA tournaments going forward.

I just read in Short's column,

that Naiditsch was found guilty of cheating in 2004. Anyone knows more about this?


btw: this "internal error" page still pops up. Knowing better, I didn't re-post my entry, but...

Wasn't it Phonak Landis was riding for at Tour De France?

so Naiditsch was cheating in 2004 but he wasnt cheating in 2005 when he won?

Naiditsch admitted using computer assistance in an online tournament in 2004. One other player, Ghaem Maghami, was also ejected for being detected using computer assistance but I think Naiditsch is the only one to fess up in public. Others GMs have been ejected in other such events on both Playchess and ICC.


Maxim Turov was disqualified on cheating in 3rd European Internet Championship, January 2006:


Namor Ilivhsahcizdnizd has been ------- for years in the 5-min pool. For ego? Who knows.

And I have little sympathy for Ybbor Nosmada being one of Varshavsky's victims, with his ridiculous 2725 and sudden 300 point rating raise on the ICC (and above Mamedyarov, Gashimov, Georgiev etc.)

On the net, for ego... it's even more pathetic if possible.

Wait he cheats and gets a 2500 rating out of it for free. That sounds like a reward. All Goichberg has to do it advertise a cheating section with no prize and let cheats play cheats.

No, you misunderstood. Varshvski's rating (USCF at least) became 2225 "only" after WO.
CCA rating if it is assigned is only used for section placement and prize distribution.
Majority of players that I know would not want to have CCA rating, no matter how high it is...

Any player that has been caught cheating at a tournament should be banned for at least a year from USCF events. Period.


Agreed, but only if the cheater's life-expectancy is one year or less.

It's time to introduce strip-chess. Each time you win a game, you remove one piece of clothing in the next game. Hence the winner would end up in underwear, preventing cheating.

Which rules did Ni Hua violate to get disqualified at the Dos Hermanas online event in March, 2006?

I have heard rumors that section section Mike Atkins is friends with Rosenberg's last round opponent and issues of dishonesty and being rasied in regards to the forfeit being financial motivated. I wonder is a civil case is forthcoming?

Maybe. If you will kindly provide your real name and address, I will pass them along to Mr. Atkins, and then a civil case might arise (against you, of course).

I don't see anyone else providing their addresses for their speculative conjuncture.

Rosenberg was pretty blatantly caught cheating. Any thrashing around by the scumbag is exactly why chess is dead. RIP Chess.

The man doth protest too much, methinks.

John, while your physical needs are being satisfied elsewhere, can it be that Lady Caissa still has her hooks in you?

I never said I didn't like chess. I just utterly hate most of the people involved in it. The game is great, will always love it.

I can not understand more and pass these issues. I gues is not for me this game.

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