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Linz Mall Chess

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Ah, girls always want to go to the mall. At least Kateryna Lahno and Elisabeth Paetz did. This ChessBase report illustrates the wacky chess event that was held at a giant mall complex in Linz, Austria. (Where Hitler went to school, for you trivia buffs.) Living chess, painted models for queens, Kasparov and Korchnoi, what more could you want? Garry's now in NY and was telling me about the event the other day, but the CB report doesn't mention that Korchnoi played two rapid games with Lahno, beating her 1.5-0.5. The Ukrainian teen was in time trouble in both games!


A live chess event at a mega mall here in the states would be good for some publicity. The painted queens would have to be of a healthier stature, Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra come to mind. That's publicity! :o

I wouldn't mind either if chessbase.com changed their name to chessbabes.com

It's finally great to see Chessbase post of scantily clad models, rather than what they try to pass off as good looking chess playing women.

More Models, Less Elisabeth Pähtz... Thanks.

I guess any excuse to combine sexy women and chess is a good excuse. I remember when the musical Chess was on Broadway, Chess Life magazine had an article about it, and there were photos of the production including some topless women on stage.

I was about 10 or 12 at the time, that's probably why I still remember that.

yes less Elisabeth Pähtz. well said.

(First post from a n00b lurker)

I have no vested interest in, nor have I ever actually used the following software, but for those who need more boobies in their chess:


Apologies in advance.

Well, well, well, how about incorporating those chess pieces in Fritz, must be recession proof

Well I was hoping to see some chess games and got more than I bargained for...Shame this is allowed on Chessbase.

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