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2006 Euro Club Cup

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This mighty event is underway in Austria. Morozevich, Svidler, Shirov, Korchnoi. Ivanchuk, Grischuk, Bareev, and many other of the world's top players are in action for their clubs. Two rounds are in the books already. Results are being tracked here. Ural Sverdlovskaya boasts four 2700+ players. The official site has PGN (messy) and photo galleries. There are a record 56 teams, plus a women's event with 11 teams. Tomsk will try to repeat their 2005 victory with Morozevich replacing Aronian on board one.

MonRoi is aggressively promoting their move-entry devices at the event. They are offering a $1000 brilliancy prize, but only among games played using MonRoi. Public votes on the games. Very clever idea. It seems that few of the top players have taken to using the gadgets, however, judging by how few big names are on the game list. (What if you aren't using the system and your opponent is, and you play a brilliant game? Can your still win the prize?)

The MonRoi system is a cool idea with many practical applications. They can't be happy about all the cheating paranoia that's been going on lately. The idea of small transmitting devices for every player is a little alarming in that context. Just about anything is hackable. I wonder how hard it would be to dress up your iPaq to look like a MonRoi device. Word to the wise: if your opponent says he's using a MonRoi device, check to make the sure its paint doesn't rub off.


Whilst the Monroi system seems to provide a nice way for tournament organisers to have the moves readily available, the phrasing of the license you have to agree to before viewing anything on their site is very disturbing. Doubtful that many of the more onerous conditions would hold up if challenged, but they seem to be going for the "the moves belong to us" approach (you aren't allowed to save the moves, only allowed to view them during the tournament, etc). I hope too many tournaments don't rely on them until they get a clue about open access; I can't agree to those terms as they stand.

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