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Corvette vs Chess Club

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Ebay auction for a car ad in a magazine that that says "Sure Beats Joining The Chess Club." It's for Corvette. (Chevy/GM) I'd say chess beats buying an impractical gas-guzzling sportscar you can only drive up to 75MPH anyway. Ooh, that yellow really matches your feelings of inadequacy. Quick Robin, to the midlife-crisismobile! There are already two bids, up to $8. If people in the chess club are losers, what does that make the people who buy car ads on the internet and put them on their wall?

Well, I suppose in this case it could make them chess fans. I could see putting that up over my thousands of chess books...


Yeah, but can you go to the bathroom in the Corvette?

Well if I could buy a Corvette for 30 quid it probably would beat joining a chess club. As it is I can probably join for a year for one gas tank full. Why not both?

Coming too close to a Corvette could sap your intelligence. I'd stay the hell away from this item.

Mark, thats a good point, but... a corvette? Surely chess players have better sensibilities. At that price, how about something European?

Read the COMMENT in this Ebay auction from a chessfan. Crazy cool!

How about some Dirt on the Fischer - Karpov Gothic Chess Match announced on chess.fm today?

10 Mil to winner, 5 Mil to loser....If those numbers are right, I'd be PISSED if I was Kramnik or Topalov.

Who said Chess cannot get sponsors? So what if it's not ~really~ chess....

Comment was crazy lame, they're laughing at it.

Anyway I like Corvettes. A yellow Z06 is awesome. That car's shape is so beautiful it deserves a bright color. Wish I had one. Only problem with the Z06 is that the roof isn't removable (unlike the "normal" vette.)

Haha, who would actually pay money for a car ad, how lame, almost as lame as the car itself. No wonder the american car industry is going bancrupt...

From the Ebay site: "This is an ad that probably didn't circulate too widely"... and you wonder why

To follow up on the subject of auctions - here's something cool - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6039806.stm

Corvettes are not "gas guzzling". A 2007 Corvette gets an EPA rating of 28 MPG. Now go back to your 1974 Ford Pinto and try not to be depressed about your lack of station in life.

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