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Halloween Ninja

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Okay, this one is even cuter than the cutest ninja ever and junior with Junior. Halloween Tiny Ninja!

When he's not in disguise he's my 20-month-old nephew Roman, up from his home in the Bahamas for some very important trick-or-treating in California. I swear if this child gets any cuter he'll go supernova.


Shouldn't have much trouble with the girls.


when come the pics from your own prenatal Botvinnik-lectured checkered-breast fed micro-ninjas?

He dose not look nearly tough enough to become a true ninja. I bet that bandana isnt even dragon-skin.

He sure is cute. Aren't you lucky he doesn't look like you. ;-)

What are you saying? I was cute until around 30 years ago.


http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=3456 presents a not so cute Kirsan criticism by a poet. Some of the criticism and more had appeared in the "He said, he said, etc." thread that mysteriously disappeared.

Hey, Mig, why not get married and have your own children ?
American girls are OK, I guess !

American girls divorce you and leave you penniless.

Ups! Forget it then !
Sorry, I didn't know.
Movies are not telling the truth then ... 8-((

Get married and have my own kids? Is that you, Mom?!

No, it's the voice of your subconscious...

Is FICS dead?

Sanitized Fischer interview http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=3468 that sounds indeed sane enough to enjoy the substantive chess and non-chess views.

Missing from it all is: what happened to his courageous Japanese fiancee? Without her, Fischer would not be roaming free in Iceland, but he would be languishing in a US prison.

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