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Spassky Suffers Stroke

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ChessBase and others report that 10th world champion Boris Spassky suffered a mild stroke while on a lecture tour of my native lands, the Bay Area. Reports say the 69 year old is doing fine and is completely lucid. Our thoughts are with you, Boris.


Yes, we are rooting for you champ! They dont make 'em like you any more!

one of my favourite ever chess players. Get well soon Boris!

spassky is a legend and true gentelman ,i hope he recovers soon

mild, fine, lucid Ok.

a great sportsman

a fine gentleman

world class chess champion

they dont make them like they used to.

or maybe he just gets better all the time.

You are the best boris

Very best wishes to Boris!

We should note that CN message board poster "Malthrope" attended the SF chess events, and has been reporting on Spassky's health issues. He wisely and considerately refrained from giving any details on this site until the news had been confirmed and disseminated elsewhere (in this case Susan Polgar's blog got things started), for fear of alarming family and friends.

In the midst of all the idiocy surrounding the current WC match, this reminds us what is really important. Best wishes, Mr. Spassky.

Bravo Boris! Great recovery. Best wishes for a healthy future!

Spassky calls himself an "honorable anti-semite".

I visited with Boris for 40 minutes at the hospital in SF on Wednesday afternoon, and he showed no signs of any stroke effects at all, as far as I could tell. I'm no doctor, of course, but I did spend a lot of time with a friend who suffered a mild stroke in July, and who needed physical therapy, so I learned quite a bit about the process with him over the last few months. It was a great relief to see that Boris is fine, and plans to visit here again next year, too.

Boris is the MAN! One of the all time legends..
Hes got class and he whooped Krapov in their mini match!

One has heard stories over the years that Spassky has had fairly serious--though not grave--health conditions. The danger here is that this is but the first stroke...a mild tremor before the big earthquake, so to speak. Of course, it was fortunate for Spassky that he was able to seek treatment in San Francisco, where there are some top-notch medical facilities. The chess community wishes him the best, and hopes for a full recovery for Spassky.

Hi Gang!

Ditto what Hal said. You can read all about in two topics that I started on ChessNinja...

"Spassky simul & lectures in San Francisco!"


"Ex-WCC GM Boris Spassky // Get Well card!"


I was there all the time with Boris on both Saturday (9/30) and Sunday (10/1). Then went to the St. Francis Memorial Hospital (San Francisco) on Thursday night (10/5) to visit him personally and give to him our lovely "Get Well" card (see 2nd topic above with URL link).

Our beloved Russian Bear is doing just fine and he's here to stay... Live long and prosper Boris! :-)))

Regards, - Mal // Berkeley, CA

Best wishes!

That's a great gentleman! There is a hudge lake of gentleman now...

Um, you have that the wrong way round: Kramnik refused to take the doping test.

i hope spassky gets well.

Our thoughts are with you Boris Vasilievich. You are a true Champion and a true gentleman.

I hope he recovers soon. However, someone mentioned that Spassky calls himself an "honorable anti-semite". This is sort of like someone saying "I am an honorable racist", it's an oxymoron.

Thanks Malachy O'Dorus for your friendly and supportive post above! ;-) I just missed it when scrolling down just a little bit to quickly.

Regards, - Mal

Here's wishing Mr.Spassky best wishes to a full recovery.When I was 16 I had a chance to play against him in a simultaneous exhibition in Dallas.He even took time afterwards to talk with us and offer his expert advice. A true gentleman and chess wizard!

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