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Well, I suppose it was inevitable. Here's a "save the world championship" Ebay auction. I'm afraid it won't reach the half a million or so it will probably require. Well, the auction might but getting the bidder to pay up might be tricky. Well, FIDE has bounced checks...

My girlfriend's boss, who knows I'm a chess guy, came up with "What do the World Almanac and the world chess championship have in common? - They both spend a lot of time in the same room." (There's some context here; they work at the World Almanac.)

Perhaps of more interest is that Garry Kasparov will have an editorial in tomorrow's Wall Street Journal on the affair and its prehistory. And while he doesn't mention it, he's happy that at least nobody can blame this fiasco on him! (1993 notwithstanding, and yes, he does mention his breakaway started the schism in the first place.) We should have it up in full with some additional chessier comments at ChessBase later tomorrow. But pick up the Journal anyway.


Yeah, for once us Kasparov haters can honestly say that THIS is not Kasparov's fault. Of course, if it wasn't for his decision in 1993... Just kidding...

I think I will for once buy WSJ. I wanna see if Kasparov is now removed enough for him to be able to provide an objective view on something that is so controversial in the chess world. Hopefully, I won't read something like "now I know why Kramnik took all those bathroom breaks in our 2000 match. He cheated, so the match is not valid and I am still the champion". Of course, he won't say that, but I am still a bit worried whether he has enough of a perspective to be fair to Kramnik.

Oh my God, it seems Kramnik agreed to 3:2, 6th game tomorrow.

Yah, just posted it in a new item a minute ago. Bittersweet feeling. Good overall, but the wrong way to go about it.

Has anyone actually seen where Kramnik has agreed to this?

Sorry, I posted this under the wrong topic.

This is gonna be good! Here is my take: Garry was by far the most charismatic personality to become chess champion in recent history. He is obviously brilliant, yet chose to sacrifice (he has always been good at that!) his Love of THE GAME and his PROFESSION on principle due to corruption. I refer all readers to a Thought of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: ETHICS RATHER THAN RULES. And remember the Old Axiom: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. I see a synergy here of these sinister forces to hold back any further intellectual development by the chess community as a whole and the participants individually. What a Freakin' Shame!
THE GAME loses...checkmate/toiletgate...not the rhyme of my lifetime, but surely the epitome of MISMANAGEMENT at ALL levels...Expect What You Inspect has reached a whole new low...Namaste Friends.

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