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Capa Memorial 06 Update

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Heh, speaking of the devil, last-minute sub Jesus Nogueiras just beat Evgeny Bareev in the first round! It doesn't look like we can expect much from the official site. No games available yet. But a Cuban news item confirms the win and adds it was with black in 65 moves of a Slav. Ivanchuk didn't arrive until quite late and his game against Bruzon didn't begin until nine-thirty at night. No short draw, however, and Ivanchuk won after four hours of play. Yipes.


the promotion of this tourney seems to be very bad

>the promotion of this tourney seems to be very bad>

yes but it will spice up in the next days

it is rumored that Fidel's friends : his pupil Chavez (pres. of Venezuela), Ahmadinejad of Iran
(the nuke-fiend who wants to wipe out Israel)
and Kim-Il-Yong ( the dear leader of N-Korea) will
visit the tournament.

They will play few demonstrative games to raise money to help the starving American people, the victims of oppression, and of the imperialist-neocn-zionist-christian world conspiracy.
Kirsan will arbiter, reporting jouranlists will be killed.

viva la revolution !

Will you guys go play this new game of "I know less than you do about Cuba" somewhere else? I'm going to start deleting this crap in new items. Thanks much.

As it was seen in Spain, Bruzon seems to be out of form, so I guess this is not going to be his best tournament. Hopefully, Lenier can stop Ivanchuk or fight for first place. Nice to hear about Nogueiras victory over Bareev, I try to connect to the official site, but seems impossible.

And well said Mig on the political comments about Cuba, it is time to talk about chess news. Besides, Thanksgiving is coming, so is nicer to be thinking in other stuff. For the guys who cannot resist that, there are plenty of other things they can do with their time ...

PS: Given that access to Capablanca Memorial is still impossible, I guess is time for to forget about it and return after the end of the tournament ... good luck

Anyone know if the pgns will ever be available from this tourney?

The games are up at the bottom of the page. Ivanchuk won a ruy lopez, and Bareev blundered on the white side of the slav.


Nogueiras 0-1 Ivanchuk and all others drawn. Chukky leads by a point. Good start, will he keep it up?

Dear Friends,

After Thanksgiving (hopefully you had a nice thanksgiving too, or whatever other activity in the countries you live), I realize that I could access to results in the official site in not a very complicated way:

Just go to the following address, replacing X with the respective two-digit number of round.


As for today, the last round played was with X=04 (there are 10 rounds in total). After four rounds, this is the table of positions, looks like Ivanchuk is already gone with the first place...

1) Ivanchuk 3.5/4
2) Dominguez, Nogueiras, Milton 2/4
5) Bruzon 1.5/4
6) Bareev 1.0/4

For downloading the games, click at:


(Of course, this .zip file is updated through the tourney; so far it only has the first three rounds).

Good luck and have a nice weekend...

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