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Tossing up some quickies to bookend a few recent items. Garry Kasparov rocked a full house at the NED-FPA event last night. A full video and transcript are already up here. From all the comments here on this issue, few people have any idea what he's doing in Russia or on these visits to the States, so at least now you can hear/read it for yourself. Today he appeared with "Money Honey" Maria Bartiromo on CNBC's Closing Bell show to talk about Russian politics and the prospects of doing business with "KGB Incorporated." On Sunday at noon, set your Tivo, he's on NBC's Wall Street Journal show.

Kasparov doesn't have access to TV in Russia, where it's all under state control, but he's getting more attention all the time in the West as his predictions about what's going on in the Kremlin are increasingly seen to be accurate. His "Other Russia" opposition coalition is still very much a longshot, and we're all worried about his safety in an increasingly chaotic political environment in Russia. His new baby girl keeps him as cautious as he can be, however. In the next month there will be interviews and profiles of him in two major German glossies, GQ and the first issue of Germany's Vanity Fair. The latter has some fancy photos of him and his wife Dasha.

This is part of the PR campaign for the German launch of his new book, How Life Imitates Chess in March. It then comes out in the UK in April, also the Netherlands. The US and Russian editions are scheduled on the fall calendar to come out for the Christmas market. (China, France, and Spain are also in the mix for 2007 or early 2008.) Some of the editions are significantly different from the original UK/German version. It's been interesting, and incredibly laborious, customizing the manuscript for different markets.


Back on December 18, Kaspy was in Maria's column in Business Week. Maybe she's taken it upon herself to be his publicist. The most interesting part of the article for me was her pic.

Part of Kasparov's should involve a visit to Holland of course. After we did Karpov, Chessvibes is more than happy to interview him as well!

being a bit busy, I started listening to it, and then cue'd to the end of the speech, and was extremely impressed by his ending. Gary looks to be an effective speaker, more power to him.

Thanks for the info about Kasparov's book release dates. Why are the different editions so different in content?

My name is Rafael Llanos from Peru. I am an international student in Texas. What Mr. Kasparov is doing is very good. He is not only a chess champion but also a free world champion.
Some years ago, the best chessplayer of Peru, the GM Julio Granda was offered to run for Governor of his hometown: Camana (in the south of Peru)the results? all the peruvians know how this "political adventure" endend.
Granda was captured and tortured, acording to his own words.
We lost a great chess player. I am going to pray we do not lose a great man.
Good for you Mr. Kasparov, God bless your cause.
Rafael Llanos.


Thank you for your post. I wasn't aware of that happening to GM Granda and I am wondering, by what you have stated, if he was disallowed to play chess internationally after that. There's a game where he plays the Scandinavian against GM deFirmian that I have enjoyed very much for his original play in punishing the overzealousness of his opponent. Good fortune with your studies.

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