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I Want My GM MTV

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US Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian will be appearing on the hit MTV program "The True Life," airing March 8. I believe it's at 9pm PST, but check your local listings. The episode is titled "I Am a Genius," following their "I am a..." naming format. Speaking of Varuzhan, I'm on with him today on ICC Chess.FM while Joel Benjamin calls an exorcist to fix his internet.


It would be nice if a video of this program found it's way onto YouTube for the benefit of those of us not in the US. :)

MTV usually gets its broadcast abroad, but this program may not..

"I am a..." "...guy who roughed up Daniel Gormally after he hassled Levon Aronian!" I don't suppose GM Akobian will go into that, though.

I want my MTV!

Wait, was it Akobian or Akopian who got into the Aronian dance-skuffle?

Didn't see anything here about this - know the moderator has been busy, thought I'd post a link to the NYT page - Kasparov led a big anti-government demonstration in St. Petersburg:


Looks like Garry barely avoided arrest.

The message is don't mess with Putin's "Democracy." It's fine, just like in the old days.

Good to see chess getting some coverage, though in all candor when I think of Akobian my mind wanders to that beautiful game in last year's US championships where he got pasted by Emory Tate. Man, was that an inspiration.

Joel's computer is possessed by the devil?!

Kasparov said Capablanca only was calculating two moves. Any GM here to comment this? I think Garry is right, nevertheless an intersiting topic.

Two leaders of what is left of Russia’s liberal opposition, Garry Kasparov, the former chess grandmaster, and Mikhail A. Kasyanov, a former prime minister, spoke to the crowd.

The former chess grandmaster? Depressing that the American "paper of record" can't even get that right.

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